Thursday, July 01, 2010

I Love Serge

I was trolling the summer sale on Olivolga, my favorite online destination for funky jewelry, when I saw this ring by The French Factory. I'm pretty sure they don't refer to our favorite perfume prophet (who would probably strongly disapprove of this kind of nonsense), but it still amused me to no end. 

46.40 € on


  1. That is so funny!!

    Can I order one that reads:
    I (heart) Dominique?


  2. This is great - it probably refers to the singer Serge Gainsbourg who years after his death is still huge in France.

  3. Abigail, let's also have a few saying I heart Chris, Andy and Maurice ;)

  4. Kristina, that was also what I thought when I first saw it. But us scentheads tend to think of our Uncle Serge wherever we go ;)


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