Monday, July 26, 2010

Tweet For A Queen

I was highly amused to discover a couple of weeks ago that quite a few of you share my odd fascination with monarchy in general and the British royal family in particular. Of course, those of you in the UK probably get to see more than enough of them on the news and in the papers, but for the rest of us, here's a list of links and sites where we can indulge in this guilty pleasure:

The official website of the British Monarchy
The official Twitter account (sadly, Prince William doesn't tweet by himself)
The official Flickr account- lots and lots of photos, old and new (by the way, if someone at Clarence House or Buckingham Palace is reading, the link to Flickr from the official website is broken.
Royal news from the Telegraph
A general royal news aggregator and data base- Royal families from around the world (I'm partial to the Norwegians)

Do you have a favorite royal? Whom would you like to meet? Whom would you like to smack? What would you wear?

Photo of the Queen taking a photograph of the Duke of Edinburgh during their visit to Tuvalu in 1982 from the official Flickr account.


  1. Love this! Imagine if all of this social media had been available during the Prince Charles/ Princess Diana courtship wedding etc. Yes, they may be a money sucking irrelevant bunch of holier than thous, but as a Canadian who used to sing "God Save The Queen" in school right after our national anthem, they do hold a place in my heart. When I was 11 Queen Elizabeth, in one of her many royal visits to Canada, visited my school and I got to hand her flowers. I was struck by her perfect powdered skin and I swear I could smell violets (they weren't in the bouquet lol). To this day, Guerlain Meteorites powder always makes me feel royal :)

  2. That is an odd fascination you have there! Being Norwegian, I get my fix of royalties on the newsstand every day, but I guess I would too look up royal news if I lived overseas.

    I noticed that you mentioned the Norwegian Royals, and I am happy to inform you that The Norwegian Crown Prince and Crown Princess have a Twitter-account @kronprinsparet ("Crown Prince Couple"). They tweet themselves on occasion, starting the tweet with KPH, KPM or KPP. Unfortunately they tweet in Norwegian other than when they are attending events abroad.

    Love your blog, by the way.


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