Friday, July 30, 2010

Guerlain 93 Rue de Passy Fall 2010 Eye Shadow Palette

Someone at Guerlain really knows us. Naming the new eye shadow palettes from the fall 2010 Champs-Elysees collection after the most fabulous shopping destinations in Paris could not be more perfect. 93 Rue de Passy is also home of a Lancel boutique, where you can find this little beauty (€ 599.00) and other leather goods:

93 Rue de Passy is also the name of this 6 color eye palette (five shadows, one powder liner). The colors are on the warm side, from shimmery pink quartz to sandy brown. The eyeliner is charcoal and might be the least convincing item in the otherwise wonderful palette. The eye shadows come in various textures from matte to high shimmer, they blend well together and allow for creating different looks. Playing and combining these colors has kept me amused for the last couple of weeks and I've been wearing this palette everywhere- from the pet store to the comedy club to see Jeniffer Coolidge (so much fun).

Bottom Line: It's a gem.

Next week: the other Guerlain palette I picked, 2 Place Vendome.

Guerlain 93 Rue de Passy Fall 2010 Eye Shadow Palette ($84) is available from Guerlain counters everywhere.

All makeup and swatch photos are mine, Lancel bag, orange tabby is Kosh.


  1. Dammit woman, that palette looks too fabulous in your pictures. Just when I think there's one of these I can cross off my wishlist, you reel me back in.

  2. Thanks for your review,, it's good to hear that these are nice. I haven't played with mine yet. I believe there is a Guerlain boutique atnthis address as well, yes? That has been the pattern with the other palettes.

  3. I bought two of these incredibly beautiful palettes--Rue de Passy and Rue de Sevres--and have been merrily playing with them all week. They really are something to behold! And, since you've actually got the palettes, you'll know what I mean when I say that the pictures on-line do not do these beauties justice. The depth and tonal quality of the shadows must be seen in person to fully appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into their design. Whether it's a subtle and elegant daytime look or a stunning and dramatic evening one, these palettes can do it all. And that silver case. . .that silver case is simply breathtaking.

  4. Gaia - you made my heart skip a beat. This is just so amazingly gorgeous in your photos/arm!!!

    I passed on these when I saw them. I wasn't as impressed seeing them in person.

    Now you are tempting me to go check it out AGAIN!!!!

  5. I *think* this is the one I want to get. I say the one, what I would like is to have all of the palettes in this collection but as I'm not endowed of wallet, one will have to do! Beautiful swatches. Thank you for posting :)
    Jane x

  6. This palette is beautiful - thanks so much for all of your research!

    I have very little perfume shopping in my city. In September, I'll be in Denver. Aside from the DSH studio in Boulder, what other suggestions might you have for perfume shopping/research?

  7. Your swatches are too gorgeous; I just wish that these shadows showed up on me. This was the palette I had wanted, too. Sigh - for now, I'll just admire your arm!


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