Thursday, July 01, 2010

DVF For Fall 2010- Hits And Misses

There are some seriously gorgeous and tempting items in Diane Von Furstenberg's pre-fall collection . Unfortunately, neither the Long Wool-Cashmere Knit Cardigan ($385) nor the Beasley Anorak Jacket ($525) are among them. I have no idea why anyone thought these frumpy items were a good idea both for DVF and for Neiman Marcus, but there you have it. On the other hand, I've already started planning makeup looks (and different shoes) for this dress:

All photos:


  1. Wow, those winter looks are seriously hideous! NOT what we expect from DVF!

    However, like you, I adore that dress. I think I already have the perfect shoes, so now all I have to do it pony up for the dress. If I skip out on rent for a couple of months I might even be able to afford it. :-)

  2. Donna, is there a premium outlet mall anywhere in your area? If so, they might have a DVF factory store where the prices are significantly lower. As much as I hate outlet malls, I make sure to visit Woodbury Common once every season just for DVF and TSE Cashmere. There are always incredible finds.

  3. I totally agree! I never understood why people wear oversized knits and jackets that looks like tents. You have great taste by the way:)


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