Monday, July 12, 2010

A quick look at Guerlain Fall 2010

I spent a large part of my weekend testing, swatching, taking pictures, visiting makeup counters and trying not to get overwhelmed by the fall collections and other limited edition items. I'll post my first review in an hour or so (Nordstrom's exclusive Dior palette), but first- here's a quick look at a couple of items from Guerlain Champs-Élysées fall 2010 collection. As of Saturday,my Bloomingdale's had all the testers but only some of the products- the stunning eye palettes weren't in stock yet and they couldn't even do a pre-sale. KarlaSugar has swatched them here and you can also see the promo pictures on Best Things In Beauty. All I can say is that two of those are in my future.

What I got was the new blush because I loved the lively-yet-delicate look, and the very pigmented KissKiss Essence de Gloss in Grenat (there are several other color options). I wasn't wowed by the new Rouge G colors: they are pretty but none was unique enough to have (or maybe I'm all lipsticked out right now). A full review of these two will come as soon as I test them. Hopefully by then I'll also have my paws on the palettes.

Photos by me.

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  1. Lovely blush! I can't wait to see the review. :)


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