Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sneak Peek: Giorgio Armani Fall Color 2010 Night Viper

Here's a quick look at some of the items from Night Viper collection, Giorgio Armani 2010 fall collection. What you see here is the Maestro eye Shadow Quad which includes a deep navy blue (I'll have to do a comparison to the blue from Guerlain's 2 Place Vendome) and three neutrals- taupe, silver and dark chocolate brown. There are three lipsticks from the Rouge d'Armani series: 602 (Soft Pink), 603 (Black Purple) and 604 (Deep Ruby). I haven't swatched or tested yet, so I can't tell you how dark they show when applied. We'll see. All three of them are in the "plum" range, according to their boxes and Armani's numbering system (100s are beige/nude, 200s are brown, 400s are red, 500s are pink and 600s are plum. And now, there's no 300s. I wonder why).

I couldn't skip one of my holy grail mascaras, Eyes To Kill, in a gorgeous blue gray (it looks similar to the blue Givenchy Phenome'Eyes). I passed on the blush duo because I'm all blushed out at the moment and the other eye palette, the purple Eyes To Kill. It's gorgeous, but way too purple for me.

Details, swatches and reviews coming soon.

All photos are mine.


  1. I love the 2 lighter lipstick shades, they are really talking to me! I've never had any Armani items before. How do you find the lipsticks? Are they usually quite moisturising?
    Jane x

  2. They look gorgeous! Please swatch soon. The lipsticks look really dark.

  3. I *MUST* have that almost black lipstick. Oh, and the purple eyeshadow quad.

    Sigh, I love Fall collections!

  4. Those lipsticks, especially the rose-colored shade in the middle look wonderful. The darkest almost reminds me of Fast Ride by NARS, it'd be interesting to see the swatch.

  5. Yes, pleas swatch soon! Especially the lipsticks :-) I confess I pre-ordered the palette already. More browns? Yes! And finally this "Armani blue".
    Maybe this will be finally a blue that suits me.


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