Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tela Beauty Organics- Shampoo & conditioner For Curly Hair

As unbelievable as it may seem to anyone who knows me as an adult, I spent my tween and teen years convinced that my hair was the ugliest thing about me. My hair is extremely thick, dense, unruly and carries the visible proof of the diverse nationalities that were incorporated into the genetic material of East European Jews. If you look closely you'll see that some of my hair is very dark brown and curly. Other parts are wavy-to-straight and range in color from auburn to light red. For someone who grew up in the 1970s and 80s, this hair was not a good thing, as there were no products in the known universe that could make it soft, shiny and un-crazy.

I only learned to like my hair and allowed it to grow back from its 80s spiky cut when leave-in conditioners and anti-frizz creams became efficient and available. Hair goop became my friend and I used these products heavily and religiously. Nowadays I rely on good shampoo and conditioners and only supplement with styling products when the weather or my hair demand it.

I wasn't familiar with Tela Beauty Organics until the products were sent to me. After several weeks of use I can say I've found a true love. The Curly shampoo and conditioner are among the best I've ever tried. Both are gentle but effective and are great detanglers without the need to pull and yank. My hair is incredibly soft and manageable and I haven't used a styling product in weeks, even though I have a couple of Tela items waiting to be tested.

It's worth remembering that the weather here in the Northeast has been relentlessly hot and muggy, so it's hard to assess how these Tela shampoo and conditioner fight dryness. Still, not suffering from humidity-induced frizz is a miracle.I love that I can just let my hair be and allow its weight to do all the work of keeping it in place.

Looking at the content of both shampoo and conditioner reveals an unusual amount of natural ingredients and essences, and not just at the tail-end of the list. It seems like there really is a large percent of good-for-you-stuff in there, so maybe that's the secret. Both products have a light lavender scent that lingers close to the scalp even 24 hours later.

Bottom line: I really really like it.

Tela Organic Shampoo and Conditioner ($28, 8.4 oz each) are available at Barneys as well as from select Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus locations. I received them for consideration from the company's PR team.

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  1. These sound like I'd be interested in checking them out (I have wavy/curly hair and have been looking for a new shampoo), do know where I'd be able to find a list of the ingredients?

  2. These sound like products I would like to try out. On your recommendation I now use the L'Occitane shampoo and hair mask and really like them. I have that kind of not really curly but not really straight type of curly hair, very fine and can go very frizzy without the right shampoo and products. Thanks for the review.

  3. My hair is so very fine that many products made for curly hair just weigh it down. Do you suppose this range might have a similar effect?

    Thank you for your time,

  4. I had a friend in high school with your same "problem."

    Once in college she embraced her big bushy spiral curls and became a beauty queen. She used to tear her hair to shreds in junior high and HS trying to straighten it and make it less big. This never made sense to me given how unbelievably popular Big Hair was in the 80's. I could never get mine to be big enough!

    Nevertheless, I'd prefer your hair to mine any day. Mine is stick straight and fine. Do you think this line you've reviewed makes a product for moi? :)


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