Monday, July 05, 2010

Kanebo Sensai 38°C Mascara- M3 Smoky Green (Limited Edition)

Smoky Green is a new limited edition color in Kanebo Sensai 38°C  Mascara line. This is the Separating & Lengthening formula with the delicate thin brush which I find easier to use than the angled brush of the Volumizing mascara. You can reach the base of the lashes with this brush and it creates a beautiful full fringe. I like it because the result is naturally full and healthy lashes. The mascara's texture is so good and smooth I can even apply it on my lower lashes to define them without looking too obvious or creating a dark shadow under the eyes.

Smoky Green is a black-based olive. On dark lashes it gives a hint of a color and is good when you want to lighten up the look and avoid black, or when you want your lashes to stand out against a shiny black eyeliner (this look is a bit too harsh for me, but it's not half bad). I also like applying this Sensai mascara  as a second coat just on the tips over a black-brown one, but this is probably something only long-lashed ladies should attempt. This color is probably best for blondes, though. It will stand out the most against fair skin and bring out any flecks of green or hazel in your eyes. Mine have more cinnamon and the contrast is interesting, but I think navy works better for me.

One thing to avoid if you have very dark lashes is applying the 38°C  (and most colored mascara) directly over a white base. While it makes the color more obvious, the lashes look dusty and too light. I tried it with two different primers and got the same unflattering results, so keep that in mind. Blondes need not worry about this and using a lash base would probably intensify the mascara's effect on them.

Bottom Line: Excellent for blondes, worth a try for most.

Kanebo Sensai 38°C  Mascara ($25) is sold at Bergfdorf Goodman (Neiman Marcus is online only). You'll probably need to give them a call to reserve one in this color. I received this press preview sample from the PR team.

Photos by me.

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