Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Amy Winehouse Cleans Up

I admit I never realized Amy Winehouse was actually pretty. The exaggerated and smeared black eyeliner and questionable personal hygiene used to cover what is apparently really nice features. I'm guessing the crack habit didn't help much, either. Here's Amy Winehouse last night after a performing a concert in London. I don't ever remember her skin ever looking this clear. I really hope she's doing better and found some peace.

Photos: Dlisted


  1. I've always liked her bigger than life voice, and am glad she seems to be cleaning up and hopefully getting help for her addictions. Without all the distractions, she does have beautiful features, especially her cheekbones and jawline. In the right stylists hands, I think she could go retro or contemporary and look amazing either way.

    I do hope she gets her peace and stability in life, she really has talent.

  2. Wow, she does have gorgeous bone structure and flawless skin. I think her voice is fantastic and I, too, wish her only the best :)

  3. Wow this is the best Amy's looked in AGES!!!!

  4. No. Sorry. There is nothing at all attractive about Amy Winehouse. Except perhaps an early retirement.

  5. Hello! A quick note to tell you I really enjoy your posts! And also that I have shared a link to this article on my FB profile, if that's OK with you! I was so happy to see Amy looking so gorgeous that could not resist! Thank you so, so much! Also, a thousand thanks (a bit late this!) for your reviews on Rouge d'Armani. I got lovely 603 thanks to your pics and they even engraved my initial in the lid! Very pretty!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  6. Check out the official video for "In my Bed" on youtube. She wasn't even 20 at the time with that gorgeous Judaeo-Nefertiti profile and a way with the camera! The trajectory from that first album Frank, with her precocious jazz sensibilty to Back to Black to the disastrous tours was precipitous. So sad.


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