Saturday, October 02, 2010

Weekly Roundup- I Can't Believe It's October

I had the first hot chocolate of the season the other day while temperatures in L.A. were setting new (high) records. Funny how that works. There's some excitement in the air, from the new TV season (is The Event going to be the new Lost?) to even more fall makeup and skin care, not to mention some Holiday collections that are already at the counters and it's not even Halloween yet.At least it keeps bloggers busy.

Kari from Fab Over Forty spent the last week at the spa resort Rancho La Puerta. She shares with us just one of the many wonderful experiences she had.

Charlestongirl is loving Le Metier de Beaute (who doesn't?). Her latest purchase is the Les Artistes Kaleidoscope Lip Kit for Fall 2010. Here's her review on Best Things In Beauty.

Sabrina is already exploring the Holiday Collections. I'm in denial, but here are her first buys of the season: Bobbi Brown and Chanel.

The promise of never having a bad hair day again can make me do and buy the weirdest things. Here's the latest on the subject from BeautyXposé .

Microdermabrasion scares the living light out of me. Kelly from is much braver. She's been testing some products from YBF. Would you?

Speaking of skincare, Debbi at Diva Debbi has also been testing a skin care product. Read all about her results with the easy to use Cane & Austin Retexturizing Pads.

For fans of natural and/or botanical ingredients, the ladies at Beauty Info Zone Blog have been using some of the products from Juara. Does this skincare line leave you thinking differently about what you use?

Victoria from Makeup Artist Backstage has been busy creating another beauty video. This is the third in her series of Flawless Faces for all Races. See what you can learn from her techniques.

A mascara that makes people wonder if your lashes are real or fake must be a serious overachiever. Laurie from Product Girl shares one with us.

Enjoy your weekend and stay beautiful!


  1. Love the photo, Gaia - but that second gal from left looks a little scary! Laughing at what we used to wear.

  2. I have heard a lot about The Falsies mascara and was happy to find it in a waterproof formula yesterday. I have a bad cold with teary eyes so will take it for a tough test drive today lol.

    I linked your Essie in Stitches post on my site- I must say I am LOVING the ladylike soft nail colours as much as l love the sexy grey Chanels too. I recall wearing soft roses and mauves in the 80s....then somehow after the vamps of the 90s they became "mom" colours. Love that they are back :)

  3. I can't wait for the holidays to come. Ever since reading about Chanel's Holiday 2010 collection, I can't wait to hit the counter. I've seriously got it bad for the colors, especially the quad and eyeliner in cassis......
    Since I was so silly and waited to buy, then missed out on Les Regards de Chanel, I am not going to make the same mistake with the Holiday collection colors.

    I haven't tried The Falsies mascara-but should give it a try. I've been using Loreal's Lash Out mascara for 15 or so years, it's been a real workhorse for me. If I go spendy, I like BE's Buxom lash, that brush is great for separating and building length.


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