Friday, October 22, 2010

Rosie Jane Cosmetics Eye Definer Beech Tree

Rosie Jane Johnston is an Australian makeup artist with a small line of products based around the idea of an effortless, beachy glowing look. I like the idea in theory, even if my twisted brain connects it to Australian surfing soaps such as Home and Away and everything blonde.

Rosie Jane's Eye Definer in Beech Tree was part of a previous BeautyFix kit. I liked the faceted rectangular shape of the pencil and the fact it allows for drawing a thin or a thick line. I admit I have yet to figure out how to get it close enough to the lash line- even using the thin edge is still not as efficient as a thin brush or pointy pencil, so this is a major issue. However Beech Tree is a medium bronzed brown that's too light for me to use as a liner anyway, so I have to supplement with black or espresso brown at the lash line.

The texture of Rosie Jane's liner is soft and pliable. If you're pale/blonde/blue eyed it would make a very flattering bronze smoky eye. It requires serious cementing with a primer underneath and a powder eye shadow over it, because it's almost as soft as a cream eye shadow, so while the look might be effortless it doesn't cut corners in application.

Bottom Line: Not my color, but has potential.

Rosie Jane Cosmetics Eye Definer ($15) is available from beautyhabit, b-glowing and Mine came with a free BeautyFix press kit.

All photos are mine

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  1. I too got this in a Beautyfix kit quite some time ago. I do have blue eyes and love the color however, the nice shape becomes rounded over time so you don't continue to get that sharp line. That said, I still like the shade and the creamines of it.


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