Monday, October 11, 2010

Random Thoughts

Sienna Miller has robbed a Salvation Army store. Or my mom's closet circa 1983.

Can we please tone down the sparkle in Holiday Collections? Seriously, can we get some pigment, instead?. Who is going to wear all this glitter?

Next time I see a woman who's makeup has melted into two little pool at the sides of her chins by noon I'm sending her a tube of primer.

Whoever did the information architecture for Nordstrom Beauty website needs to be fired. A redesign is not supposed to make things harder to find.

I kind of want Andy's hoodie from Thursday's Project Runway. And I don't even wear activewear outside the house.

This map (click to enlarge) made me laugh. I especially loved Kanye's Isles of Sadness.

Even in their reduced size (2.5 oz., Not exactly a mini), I'm still not buying Chanel Les Exclusifs. I'm holding out for the parfum version of 31 Rue Cambon we'll probably never get.

I'm trying to talk myself out of buying a pair of thigh-high or over-the-knee boots. Apparently remembering I'm not even 5'3" and would rather not have my boots wearing me is not enough. Then again, I'd rather utterly forget about knee-highs and have the above pair from Alexander McQueen, but it's already sold out in my size. Who would have thought an Alexander McQueen item would be the sensible option?

Do you have any random thoughts to share?


  1. I was kinda interested in buying Andy's jacket as well, but when I went to Amazon I found the design they are selling has only the faintest resemblance to what we saw on the show! I loved the curved inset in the jacket front, and it's been replaced by a straight-lined star-burst pattern that is probably much cheaper to have cut. They also don't offer it in the sophisticated taupey neutrals Andy was working with.

    - Jirish

  2. Commenting on your comment about primer: Actually primer makes my makeup slide off way quicker! it makes my usually non oily face super oily, and clogs my pores so I break, I never understood the point of it? how is a layer of silicone, which is slimy slippery and oil inducing supposed to make makeup stay on better?

  3. Let's here it for Nordstrom's site redesign: Boooooooooo! I don't know what "shop" they took it to, but obviously they by-passed the interaction designer! Perusing on-line used to be easy. Now it's an exercise in frustration.

  4. I can't agree more about the Nords website redesign. It's awful!

  5. Have to agree with Ashley. Primer clogs my pores.

    But the boots. The boots! Love the boots.

  6. I feel so much better knowing that I'm not the only one finding Nordstrom's redesign completely annoying. Over the knee boots...always think of hookers in Pretty Woman. I'll pass! :)

  7. To the primer-phobes above...maybe you're not using the right product? Just a thought! I don't even wear makeup. ;)

    Gaia...stop resisting the Exclusifs! It's futile! I'd personally like one of for Beige and Gardenia (gag).


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