Wednesday, October 13, 2010

YSL Aquamarine #13 Ombre Solo Eye Shadow

Aquamarine (#13) is one of the two Ombre Solo single eye shadow colors released by YSL for fall 2010. The other color, #14 Satin Silver is a very pretty luminous pearl and I had my makeup done with it to complement Aquamarine, but in the end I passed on it because it's just a little too sparkly and I prefer to pair Aquamarine with low key shades.

Aquamarine might not be the obvious color choice for fall, but it's gorgeous and works perfectly with my skin tone to bring out my eyes. It's a great contrasting shade for dark brown and as long as the eye shadow is applied in moderation and blended well you won't end up with this retro look:

The texture of both these new Ombre Solo shadows is silky smooth. Aquamarine is low on shimmer (almost matte, actually), moderate on pigment but the color can be built up nicely for lining. I use it over a primer and the color holds on until I remove it. The talented Gilberto Santiago from Barneys has shown me hoy YSL Touche Eclat can be used as a primer. A tiny dab of the luminizer and a little brush work creates a satin-like canvas that enhances both the color and the performance of your eye shadow. It's a neat trick which I adopted, especially for evening.

Bottom Line: Superb.

YSL Ombre Solo Eye Shadows ($30) are available from most decent department store as well as online.

Aquamarine eye shadow photos and swatches by me.
Fashion photograph: Richard Avedon for Harper's Bazaar, 1957


  1. I never thought of using YSL Touche Eclat as an eye shadow primer. Good tip - thanks!

  2. This looks like a great subtle teal shadow-I might have to pick it up!


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