Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Les Khakis de Chanel Nail Polish

I know I'm the very late in reporting on these, but I was away when Chanel released the nail polish trio Les Khakis on Fashion's Night Out. I got them as soon as I came back, of course, because the colors were so special and irresistible to me in their edgy elegance. I chose to skip Khaki Vert, the mossy green one, for practical reasons. It's beautiful, but knowing myself it's not something I'd wear very often and I already had Essie Sew Psyched, so I felt covered in this color department.

Les Khakis de Chanel are a limited edition, and I enjoy Khaki Brun and Khaki Rose so much I'm considering a backup, especially for the latter. It's such an easy to wear shade and works for me perfectly. I love that they are a little muted and it takes a second glance to realize how unique and complex they are. This fact makes them quite office friendly and ensures one would get a good use of the Les Khakis.

Khaki Rose is a warm beige brown. The rose undertone is more pronounced in full sun, while a gray and rainy day like today brings out the brown cinnamon heart. I find it very flattering on my hands and makes me want to go shopping for some accessories in this color. Khaki Brun is a very interesting polish. As you can see in the photos taken in direct afternoon sun, it has a lot of khaki in it (thank you, Lady Obvious), but indoors it's much more of a taupe in the same mushroomy style Chanel has made famous. It's still elegant enough to be perfectly acceptable in all but the most conservative environments.

Quality-wise, Chanel has made some serious progression. As Sabrina of the Beauty Look Book observed the other day, the creamy consistency is so opaque you only need one coat for a uniform full coverage. I can't begin to tell you how happy tis makes me. I'm a DIY girl despite my klutziness, so being able to paint and go without waiting between coats (and messing up my nails every time a cat even looks at them) makes it the polish I'm more likely to use.

Bottom Line: I wish it were part of the permanent collection.

Les Khakis de Chanel Nail Polish ($25 each) can be ordered online from chanel.com.

All photos are mine.

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  1. Although the colours are wonderful, Chanel's quality is sub-par. Even with a good top coat, the polish chips after 2 days!

    I did purchase Particuliere last year and Paradoxal this year, but will not be purchasing Chanel polishes again. Just not worth the money or the effort. I'll stick with my favorite, Essie (not affiliated).



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