Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Once I gain some attention span back I should get to B&N for Tim Gunn's book. It's been out for weeks now.

Wilco- I'll Fight

CNN, what else?

Etat Libre d'Orange- Like This. Perfect for this weather.

Blush. I've been experimenting.

Frequently worn outfit/item
Gray cashmere hoodie over just about everything.

I really want some miso soup.

Guilty Pleasure
Sleeping in.

It's all good.

Bane Of My Existence
See above.

The weekend. Just because.

Random Thought
Some things put even Kim Kardashian's nude cover into perspective.

Wish List
A new camera. Any suggestions on what I should get?

What are your current banes, joys and recommendations? Please share!

Top image: La Esperanza,


  1. Hi Gaia!
    Book-The Strain, co-authored by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, great sci-fi/vampire thriller. Apparently, two more books are yet to come.
    Song-Anything by Siouxie, Depeche Mode or Ministry
    On TV-True Blood or CSI
    Perfume-Hermes Amazone (vintage) or Guerlain Heritage
    Makeup-Ellis Faas lipstick in 101 and 102, eye shadows in 104 & 105. I adore the makeup, such great colors and textures.
    Frequently worn item. -vintage Balmain dress, found in a consignment shop.
    Food/drink-Perhaps it's our Indian Summer, but I'm craving Mexican food (vegetarian) and a tall glass of horchata..... yum.
    Guilty Pleasure-cashmere sleepwear..... pure luxury.
    Joy-visiting friends/family in VT and upstate NY. Visited my uncle on his farm and saw a brand new baby calf, learning to wobble on his little legs. So CUTE!
    Bane of my Existence-My poor kitty's tummy troubles, lots of tests, vet still does not know what's going on. :(
    Anticipation-going shopping/perfume sniffing in SF with girlfriends. Will be fun, looking forward to trying the new L'Artisan Vetiver.
    Random Thought-Tried many of the new holiday colors, way too much shimmer for me.
    Wish List-Fulfilled! Ellis Faas products were everything I'd hoped for. Ellis Red 101 is great stuff.....

  2. Hey there,
    First, thank you so much for having such an interesting, funny, and diverse blog. Yours is a daily read. You could make cement sound fascinating.
    Book-at present, just studying for boards, but the celebratory post-boards read should be Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness. Pretty self-explanatory.
    Song-just an old mix of NIN, AiC, some of the fiancee's old Brother Ali,
    TV-cooking channel (i do love Nigella, if just for how she describes food),
    Perfume-vanilla + ______
    MU-you have me re-falling in love with my LM Black Ebony cake, plus her Noir & Stellar e/s. Anything LM and I'm generally happy.
    Frequently worn item-running clothes
    Food/drink-coffee, very strong; really good olive oil; anything harvest-y (butternut, acorn, spaghetti squash, honey crisp apples)
    Guilty pleasure-your blog; staying up late to study; indulging in my daily venom for whatever irks me
    Joy-running, being with the fiancee and dog
    Bane of my existence-what isn't
    Anticipation-boards and finding a job (one I like)
    Random thought-I need to take better care of my hair
    Wish list-more time with the fiancee and dog

    Hope you are well.


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