Sunday, October 31, 2010

Harney & Sons Opening A NYC Tea Store

It's interesting but hardly surprising that many perfume lovers are also interested in high-quality tea. Let's see: bergamot, jasmine, lavender, osmanthus, smoky notes... we can drink as well as wear them, not to mention my favorite vanilla-flavored black tea.

One of my favorite fall trips is driving up north to Millerton, NY (rt. 22, right on the New York-Connecticut border) and visit Harney & Sons Tasting Room. I usually order their teas online, but it's still a fun ritual and the adjacent store has all kinds of tea paraphernalia, including home fragrances.

The nice people of Harney & Sons are about to open a tea store and tasting bar in NYC. The address is 433 Broome St. (SoHo) and the opening is mid-November according to this WSJ article.



  1. Thank you for this, sounds very interesting! May have to check this out for some birthday plans. I prefer the smell of a good tea over most perfumes, something earthier and less forced about it. I was hoping to make some kind of home-made concoction of Earl Grey tea to use as an elixer/refresher, I do love bergamot.

  2. There is a another nice tea shop near (very near) Millerton in Lakeville, CT called Chaiwalla's. They have amazing teas and great sandwiches and little bites (tease toast and pot stickers were a big favorite). If you have a chance, I recommend it!


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