Friday, October 01, 2010

Essie In Stitches Fall 2010 Nail Polish

I chose In Stitches from Essie's 2010 fall collection because it's not just a great transition color but also has a classic "go anywhere" look. I know some consider this warm blush/rose pink too conservative and boring, but for me, as much as I love Sew Psyched and Merino Cool, sometimes (=often) I don't want my nails to be the focal point of my look. Maybe it's because I wear a lot of purple or red lipsticks and most of my wardrobe consists of DVF print dresses that have a lot going on in them. In any case, Essie's fall collection is so satisfying because it gives enough options from edgy to classic.

Essie In Stitches ($8) and the rest of the  Fall 2010 nail collection is available from

All photos are mine.


  1. Love these colours, seem to recall wearing similar ones in the 80s. I have Rose Confidentiel on and it is quite similar to In Stitches. You're right- it is a perfect transitional colour when I don't feel ready for full on vampy dark, or the glam of red.

  2. That is a gorgeous office approved color! Then again I'll show up wearing teal or bright pink on my nails.

  3. This is a perfect transitional color...I've been looking for one. I was thinking of a rose or red. Like you I wear red/plum lipstick ( oh, and DVF dresses but I steer clear of most prints) nails seem "matchy-matchy". I've really like Essie's formula too.

  4. Beautiful. I just love Essie nail polish colors. Thanks for sharing. xo


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