Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nars Small Domed Eye Brush #12

As someone with large lids and a deep crease, my favorite eye brushes are quite big and wide as to not create harsh lines and edges. But sometimes there's a need for a more precision in the crease or lid, especially when applying very pigmented dark colors to the outer corner. This is where Nars #12 Small Domed brush comes into play.

The unique thing about Nars #12 is that unlike many small brushes for detailed work it is fluffy and not very dense, so it won't pick too much color. The small dome fits into small spaces (which is why this brush is usually a top pick for Asian eyes) and deposits the right amount of dark color where you need it. The fluffiness makes it ideal for blending, and since it's small enough, the color will stay in the right place and won't spread too far.

Less pigmented colors and dramatic contrasts require a denser brush, but for certain colors and looks this is the best brush I've come across.

Nars Small Domed Eye Brush #12 ($27) is available from

All photos by me with the help of Sophie and Giselle.


  1. Hi, Gaia!

    I bought the NARS smudge brush (#15) after reading your review and I love it! I think I may just have to get this one, too...

  2. This is a fantastic brush. I do like the fluffiness as compared to similar small brushes.

    My favorite in the category of small crease brushes is the Stila #30 (double-ended). The blue squirrel bristles have a bounciness that the NARS #12 lacks.

  3. Gaia-

    I always love it when one or more of the cats help out in the photography. And today, with such a SUPER supermodel to demonstrate--doesn't get any better than that.

    Lawrence in Ohio, with Rosa del Gata on my right foot.

  4. I agree with all the foregoing regarding the brush and the cats.
    Thank you for both. Rocky

  5. Thank you for putting the kitties front and center, love them!

  6. what a great expression on the kitty in picture no. 2!!! i love when they focus on toys like that. very handsome fur child!

    brush? what brush? kitties!!!


  7. Great review! Looks like it is similar to the (limited edition) MAC 226, no? I do like that brush as well.

    By the way, I just discovered your blog. As a crazy cat lady I don't know why it has taken me so long to come across it. Your kitties are super pretty! :)


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