Monday, October 18, 2010

Cle de Peau Malachite (201) Eye Color Quad

The problem with the beautiful new eye shadow quad from Cle de Peau is sparkle. And lots of it. Lots and lots and lots of sparkle, which is probably not what one wants from an ultra high-end brand.

I couldn't resist Malachite (#201). The coordinated quad of rich green, taupe and other neutrals is gorgeous, the texture silky smooth and they blend together effortlessly. A couple of strategic brush strokes and I have an elegant look with just a hint of eye popping green. It's lovely, really. Except for the sparkle/micro-glitter/whatever  fallout which takes longer to clean up than it takes to apply three or four colors from the palette. And then there are the particles that are left on the skin, which I'm not sure are entirely office-friendly. I'm pretty sure if I would have kept the quad for after-hours  if I were still teaching fifth grade math.

Which is really a shame. Such a beautiful palette (even if the pattern you see in the photos is just an over-spray and disappears the first time you swipe a brush over it) should get a lot more use. And I shouldn't have to frantically scrub my cheekbones to get rid of glitter before leaving the house.

The funny thing is that when swatching the colors at Saks and at home- both for the photos and when I showed the quad to a young cousin- the glitter barely showed. Yes, it's shimmery but you only get the full effect when applied on your eye lids.

Bottom Line: pretty but cranky is not a good look.

Cle de Peau eye color quad ($55, the refillable case is sold separately for $25) in Malachite and four other colors can be found at Saks, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

All photos are mine.


  1. Thank you for your review on this palette! I've been drooling a bit for one of these - don't know which as I have yet to see them in person - and I hadn't seen any reviews until now!
    Too bad there's so much glitter! I happen to like shimmer e/s but not when it's all over your face.

  2. I have this quad in Thulite (pinkish coral and gray). The excessive amount of fallout that you're getting has not been my experience at all. We both use Kanebo Sensai, so it's not the base that's different. Perhaps it's the application technique. I pat the shadows into place rather than sweeping them on. I've noticed a lot of MA's using this technique lately and there doesn't seem to be much fallout that way. The shadows in this series of quads are, indeed, decidedly sparkly, but the colors and finishes are pretty consistent with what other brands have been showing this fall/holiday season.

  3. I've never tried CdP colour products, but I'm surprised about the sparkle! I always thought it'd be extremely fine/undetectable. That's a shame, the colours are beauuuutiful!


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