Sunday, October 03, 2010

An Early Fall Day In NYC

It's an old cliche, but there's nothing like fall in New York. Even this early in the season, before the leaves start turning. It's something in the air, a change in the light over the buildings in Midtown and the way it reflects in windows and puddles. Then there's hot chocolate with Nutella at François Chocolate Bar (714 Madison Ave., 4th floor of Mauboussin), which made me think I must have done something really good in a previous life to deserve it. I headed back to Barneys so I could rectify this little issue. All is well now and Bas de Soie has joined its siblings in my cabinet and I'm well-marinated in iris goodness. Here are some bits and observations from today's adventure:

  • I had a look at Chanel Holiday 2010 collection at Henri Bendel. It's pretty, especially the eye shadow quad, but the sparkle level is much above my comfort level.

  • I don't mind so much the change of the Setge Lutens logo and packaging, but I'd hope that if they were already messing with stuff they'd make the boxes friendlier for those of us who keep them. They didn't and you still need to perform some cardboard surgery after inserting the sprayer into the bottle if you want to be able to close the box back.

  • The main fragrance counter at Barneys is becoming a favorite place to hang out. Sometimes a change in personnel does a world of good.

  • Speaking of that, the wonderful Giuseppe is no longer at Henri Bendel. This is not a good thing, at least for Bendel. There aren't that many passionate and knowledgeable people in perfume retail.

  • Back to Barneys. I always knew the Chanel specialists there are the best in the city. Seriously, Barneys, at least in NYC, is my favorite place to buy Chanel makeup and get a good advice on the collections, application and anything Chanel. Apparently the guys are this good even when they get stuck helping clients with YSL products.

  • Gilberto, the Chanel guy who did my makeup today smelled divine. It was something deliciously incense-like but not too dark. I couldn't quite place it. I quickly scanned my memory to figure out if it was something from CdG Incense series but I knew it wasn't. I could also tell it wasn't Heeley Cardinal. When I asked, Gilberto said it was Bleu de Chanel. Yes, the same one that was an utter dud, bordering on unpleasant on me, on the husband and didn't impress my scent twin, either. Skin chemistry, go figure.

    Photo: October in Midtown by Catcing Flies on Flickr, 2005

    1. Fall is wonderful isn't it?? It is very cool and blustery today in SF. While contemplating my clothing choice for the day, I think I'll wear Daim Blonde by SL. It wears beautifully in cool weather. Must drag out my fall boots too.
      Speaking of SA's, it is nice when they know the lines, fragrance notes and upcoming new scents. Very frustrating when they don't.....

    2. This post makes me miss NY! I was there maybe 2 1/2 weeks ago for a long vacation and I miss it so much. Yes, I wish I spent more time at Barney's but I was there long enough to discover the Le Labo series. I am contemplating about picking up a small bottle of that rose scent (the correct name escapes me) for my husband since his birthday is next Friday. Funny you mention about getting the best Chanel service at Barney's because I feel the same way about the Chanel counter at the Barney's here in SF. They are so helpful and pleasant. You don't feel rushed or pressured. Which makes me want to spend even more money there!
      Yes it's definitely scarf weather today in SF but then again we wear scarves here 24/7 oh and our knee high boots too!

    3. It seems that Barneys does it better than most with its SAs - across the board. Our Chicago SAs are like that: pleasant to encounter, informed and at least interested, if not downright passionate, about the lines they rep and/or sell. My Bradley is the most wonderful SA and the wonderful Lydia, late of the L'Artisan boutique, has a deep knowledge and appreciation of perfume - and they are both a lot of FUN!

      There is so much snarking about bad SAs (not without seriously good reason, imo :-) - it's nice to see a paean to the good ones out there!


      ps. I would LOVE to be in NY in autumn.

    4. Ah, fall in New York! I'm so jealous.

      Can't say I'm sorry to hear about the departure of "the wonderful Giuseppe" though. I had a totally insane experience with him--really bizaare--and when I reported it, it turned out I wasn't the only one. Glad your experience was different.

    5. P.S. Musette, I'm pretty sure your Lydia is the same Lydia who runs the L'Artisan boutique at Bendel's now. Apparently her talent did not go unnoticed!

    6. I had a really fun time with Giuseppe on two visits to Bendel's in August -- what happened, and where did he go?


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