Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guerlain Holiday 2010 Rose de la Reine (363) KissKiss Strass Lipstick

The bad news about the Holiday 2010 Collection Les Ors from Guerlain is that they didn't make anything as stunning as their Fall 2010 6 color eye palettes. I sort of hoped for one of two such compacts in a gilded packaging that would make us once again delirious with Guerlain lust. Of course, this is also the good news. I can wait a season or two for another $85 palette.

Collection Les Ors focuses on golden luminosity- for complexion, lips and eyes. Later this week I'll show you the new Meteorites Perles d'Or, but today we're talking lips. KissKiss Strass lipstick comes in two limited edition colors for the holiday 2010 collection. There's a dark red, Rouge Imperial, which looks very tempting in the promo pictures, but let's face it: I need another deep red lipstick as much as I need an additional set of lips. It's the nude department in my lipstick drawer that could use some reinforcement, and Rose de la Reine (#363) is a good addition.

While I hoped for more rosy pigment, I like Rose de la Reine for its texture and light reflecting qualities. It doesn't take away anything from my natural color and doesn't make my lips look pale or chalky. The little pigment this KissKiss Strass lipstick warms the complexion and works well with a bold eye look and sheer gold cheek color. It's very balmy and moisturizing, so one can wear it over a darker lip tint. By itself Rose de la Reine gives a very shimmery nude look. It will have more impact on the fair-skinned, pale-lipped crowd, but for the rest of us this is an easy to wear (and apply) nighttime option.

The balmy texture moisturizes and plumps the lips, but is quite heavy. It doesn't last long and requires frequent reapplying. I'd be curious to see if the other color, the deep red Rouge Imperial leaves behind a little color so one doesn't have to fix her makeup after every glass of champagne (all this gold, light reflecting from crystal goblets and chandeliers and plush textures is making my imagination work a little).

Bottom Line: nice but definitely not a must-have.

Guerlain KissKiss Strass lipstick ($31) and the rest of the holiday collection is already available at Bergdorf Goodman and select department store locations. A press sample was sent for consideration by the company.

All photos are mine.

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  1. I can hardly wait to see the new Perles d'Or. What could be more glamorous than wearing golden pearls while sipping champagne from a crystal flute? I love how your imagination works! I think we're all over due for a festive night out--or in, as the case may be :-)


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