Friday, July 22, 2011

Hakuhodo 210 Blush Brush

Hakuhodo 210 brush is one of the most important and most beloved makeup tools in my collection. Originally labeled as a blush brush, the 210 has a smallish (about .6 of an inch wide) round and dense goat hair head that's also as soft and gentle as they come. The shape and density make Hakuhodo 210 suitable for both powder and cream products, not to mention some serious multitasking.

Let's see: the 210 can contour, apply blush (powder and cream), buff foundation and handle highlighters in every formula (excellent with the liquid Rouge Bunny Rouge one). The finish I get from this Hakuhodo brush is nothing short of flawless. Between performance and the way it feels on skin, you can understand my opening statement.

I've heard the Hakuhodo 210 has been compared to MAC 109. I don't own the latter, so I can't add much. I did check the 109 at the counter and it didn't seem as soft. I probably should have brought my Hakuhodo for a side by side comparison, but I'm not a MAC customer so I didn't feel like the SAs would look too kindly on that. One issue with the 210 that I hear is similar to the MAC brush is shedding. Not a lot and not very often, but after the initial washing the brush left two hairs in a pan of blush. It also lost one hair in a following foundation application and will occasionally lose one or two others. Not a big deal considering the amount of use it gets, but I mention this as it's my only Hakuhodo brush to ever shed.

Bottom Line: get a backup (or two).

Hakuhodo 210 Blush Brush ($26) is available from (the 200 series).


  1. It looks like a paddle brush in the comparison pictures, but when I look at the tip, it looks much rounder.

    Also, I love it when you review about Hakuhodo brushes. I've been thinking about getting some myself, but the shiny handle is making me hesitate. (I prefer black matte handles.)

    I have the Mac 109 brush and it seems smaller than the Hakuhodo 210 brush.

  2. Oh how I love this brush! I've never used it for creams because I have some sort of block to using natural hair brushes for creams, but I use this for my Shu blushes and my Dior highlighter - it's really great on those "harder" formulations.

  3. omg I think this is the one I've been looking for. That is one pretty brush...

  4. What a gorgeous brush. The hairs actually look shiny, so your pictures captured how soft it must feel. I have the MAC 109, and it's dense, stiff, and a little rough. Great review, thanks!

  5. Can you do a post of your Hakuhodo brushes? :) I really want this one but it's currently out of stock. :(

  6. It sucks that it sheds, gorgeous shape. so cute. What's a good dupe for hits 210 of the Hakuhodo series?

  7. Does anyone can compare J210 (white bristles) and 210?

  8. I am going to get one right now! I love your blog ( I am reading all your hakuhodo posts!) :)


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