Monday, August 15, 2011

Hakuhodo 212 Highlight Brush

This review of Hakuhodo 212 Highlight Brush was inspired by CharlstonGirls's post about the Giorgio Armani Beauty Jacquard Woven Face Color Palette for Fall 2011 on Best Things In Beauty. As soon as I saw the palette I knew I had the perfect tool for applying it.

Hakuhodo offers some wonderful highlighting brushes for every texture, finish and placement. The 212 Highlight Brush would be so perfect for the Armani palette because you can swirl it over all four colors or take advantage of its minute size and concentrate on specific shade(s). The brush buffs the highlighter onto the cheekbones and other areas you want to bring out with smooth and very even results.

Of course, the Hakuhodo 212 brush is also equal parts dense and soft. Made of goat hair (Ototsuho) and sporting the black handle of the 200 series I liked it instantly and discovered it's just as effective for cream products as it is for powder. The brush doesn't require adjusting or any learning curve and feels right from the very first use.

Bottom Line: If I had to choose just one highlighter brush this would have been the one.

Hakuhodo 212 Highlight Brush ($20) is available from They ship internationally.


  1. I love this brush! I have this and its smaller sibling the 214. I use it for applying concealer under the eyes, buffing and blending eyeshadow and highlighting as well.
    I just did an order and got the new pointed pencil shaped highlighters G5524/G5527 which I think are roughly the same size as the 212/214. I hope they prove just as useful as these brushes.

  2. I was about to curse you (fondly, of course!) for this post until I saw the price tag. YAY! I can afford this! I want a good highlight brush.

  3. CONGRATS on the Beautylish feature! Love the content on your blog... I'm such a sucker for great quality brushes, especially my Hakuhodo ones! I don't have this yet, but you've piqued my interest! Hope to see more! =)

  4. I love how the camera catches the shine in the Hakuhodo brush hairs. I don't have the 212 brush, but I did buy the Hakuhodo S114, and I love it so much I want to take it to bed with me and pet it all night. That's not wrong, is it?

  5. I own both brushes. I use the 210 as a replacement for the MAC 109, applying mousse foundation. I use the 212 like honeyjr for applying concealer under the eye. Love them both, wonderful quality, not too heavy..

  6. Thanks for the suggestion - will be sure to check these out!


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