Tuesday, June 26, 2012

aDesign Pointed Foundation Kabuki Brush

My Trish McEvoy The Point brush sees so much action that it's hard to catch it on a clean day. That's why I was so delighted to find its big sibling, the Pointed Faoundation Kabuki brush by aDesign. It's almost the same brush, only big Big BIG: synthetic, tapered to a point, dense but not too stiff to move and bend.

aDesign Pointed Foundation Kabuki Brush was created to be used with cream and liquid products. You apply the foundation with the tip of the brush and buff it in as gently or as firmly as desired. The point allows for reaching into narrower areas and makes it easy if you only want to apply foundation to certain parts of the face. aDesign's Kabuki blends the products seamlessly with little effort (even thicker creams), so there are no visible patches (well, as long as you choose the colors wisely, that is).

Another wonderful use for the aDesign Pointed Foundation Kabuki Brush is contouring with cream products such as Hourglass Cream-To-Powder Bronzer or Sue Devitt Gel Bronzer. I've used it with both and got great results with minimal effort, so this is certainly a multitasker. The company also claims that this brush is good for powder products, but I say "meh". There's no need to push it for a brush that is absolutely excellent at what it does.

Bottom Line: Excellent.

aDesign Pointed Foundation Kabuki Brush ($23. Yes, so much cheaper than the excruciatingly marked-up Trish) is available from adesignbrushes.com.

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  1. Wow, both brushes are quite intriguing! I definitely want to try the adesigns brush!


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