Monday, June 18, 2012

Suqqu Make Fix Mist

As I mentioned before, I love face mists. I use them in summer and in winter, and I find that they do marvels both for the way my skin feels and for my makeup's finish (my skin can be anywhere between normal to very dry,  so I'll take all the help I can get).  I usually stick with hydrating sprays that have skincare ingredients, not fixing ones, because I use primers and light finishing powders, so my makeup stays put nicely. However, I was curious enough about Suqqu Make Fix Mist, because it seems to be a hybrid product. Here's what it says on Suqqu's website:
"A fine mist to be sprayed over the face to give natural radiance and fix your makeup as well as moisturise your skin throughout the day. It can be also applied anytime during the day."
Suqqu Make Fix Mist is indeed very hydrating. It almost feels like a light serum in a liquid form. It's a little sticky (which is why Suqqu tells you not to touch your face until the mist has dried), which I didn't mind when using it during the cold months, but feels less enticing in the summer.

I have no complaints as for the mist's effectiveness in cementing my makeup into place. Still, it doesn't provide much beyond what I can get from a careful priming routine, so it's not a game-changer for me. I like this Suqqu mist enough to keep using it, but I can't say I favor it over the other face sprays I have around.

Bottom Line: I should really save for their brushes.

Suqqu Make Fix Mist is available at very select locations around the world (Japan, Thailand and Selfridges in the UK). I bought mine online from (¥6400 JPY).

Photo of a Suqqu counter in Japan from


  1. I suggest trying the Sana Hadanomy mist, it's thicker like a serum but not sticky and quite moisturizing. I also use it to set my powder :)

  2. I've always wondered about face mists, but I am yet to use one! I have oily combination skin, so I wouldn't know if it would be worth it!

    Kitty xo


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