Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sue Devitt Deia Color Luxury Lipstick

The one problem with Sue Devitt's Color Luxury Lipstick range is that they only come is six shades. The semi-sheer, high moisture formula feels like a lip treatment but offers quite a bit of pigment to make it a true lipstick. The six existing colors are flattering, wearable and quite complex in their balance of warm/cool tones. Look at Deia, for example, a hard to describe mauvish warm rose. I love this Sue Devitt shade because it works well with my lips (dark and surprisingly cool toned).

The lasting time of Sue Devitt's Color Luxury is not as impressive as her Balanced Matte lipsticks, but it still stays in place nicely without feathering or migrating. You'll need to reapply after dinner and the color does transfer to one's teacup. To me that's a small price to pay for a lipstick that leaves my lips feeling pampered.

Bottom Line: Really nice.

Sue Devitt Deia Color Luxury Lipstick ($20) is available from Barneys and other select department stores, as well as from suedevittbeauty.com. The product for this review was a press sample.

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