Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Boots No7 Nude (20) Line & Define Lip Liner

Boots No7 Line & Define Lip Liner in Nude #20 is somewhat of a cult product because it was created by makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. If I remember correctly, Lisa said she was trying to find the perfect nude liner for herself, and Boots No7 Line & Define  #20 was the result. I can definitely see why this lip liner has become so popular: it offers an excellent balance of beige and rose that will flatter many. The quality is also very good: I think my swatch demonstrates how smooth it is and easy to use.

My coloring is different than Lisa's, so what I consider as "nude" is a bit different (deep rose, actually). I use Boots No7 Nude as a base when I need to warm up or tone down a color. The finish of this pencil is matte and a little dry (for me). So a lip balm and a gloss/moisturizing lipstick are essential when I wear it.

Bottom Line: nice.

Boots No7 Nude (20) Line & Define Lip Liner ($6.99) is available at Target and from


  1. In general, I avoid any lip pencil that is supposedly "nude". Most--including this one--are simply too warm on my rose lips and end up looking very peachy in comparison. I'm better off simply finding a rose toned pencil that matches my lips' natural color. So many lines claim to have a universal lip liner that anyone can wear. Oh, if only that were true :-)

  2. Gaia,

    I have been wanting this pencil for AGES but thought it was only sold at Boots in the UK! So fantastic to know I could find it at! Great swatches, btw. It's already in my cart for my next order.

    1. All gone they dont have it there either :(

  3. I have this liner, and I do really like it. When I first got it I wasn't as impressed, because it was waxy, and could feel drying, especially if it wasn't used with lots of balm/moisturizing lipstick or gloss.

    What I ended up realizing though, was that the waxy-ness equated to more staying power, and making the liner better at keeping things in place. So I usually either use it as a base, or over the top of other lip products for a little more definition (blending in, not just lining).

    I like that it's a twist-up.


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