Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday Riley Influencer Mascara Midnight Sapphire

Sunday Riley Influencer is a glossy volumizing mascara that's good at separating the lashes, coating them evenly and make them stand out. It's not overly lengthening, but if you use a lash primer, Sunday Riley's mascara is excellent at attaching itself to it and providing a seamless coverage. I tested my Influencer Mascara with lash primers from Dior, Youngblood Minerals and Lancome with highly satisfying results.

I like the spiky comb of this mascara as I find that it prevents clumping even after weeks of use (a mascara's true test is not how it performs the day you open it, but 4-6 weeks down the road). I get big lashes that are just right (not plastic-like, stiff or touching the eyebrows), so I'm happy. Sunday Riley's Midnight Sapphire is the perfect dark navy.It doesn't scream blue, but has the brightness that a good blue mascara provides. I find it very flattering, since my lashes are very dark brown, not black, so they take well to navy mascaras.

Bottom Line: highly recommended.

Sunday Riley Influencer Mascara ($30) is available from Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman. The product used for this review was part of gift bag from a Bergdorf press event.

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  1. I love blue mascara but unfortunately they don't show up on my black lashes. So, you have brown lashes! Lucky you!
    The only blue mascara I really liked for its color was one of Lorac's, but it's discontinued. The formula was terrible but I loved how the blue stood out without being flashy!


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