Monday, June 11, 2012

Clarins Red Poppy 734 Jolie Rouge Lipstick

Here's something to brighten up our Monday: Clarins Jolie Rouge lipstick in Red Poppy (#734). The color is a perfect red (you can see how it changes between full sun and shade) that pulls slightly pink on my lips because of their natural pigment, but is quite balanced. It's my current 'go-to' red because I love the formula and texture: wonderfully creamy and comfortable, doesn't require a lip balm, has just enough shine (I can't deal with matte).

Clarins Red Poppy 734 Jolie Rouge Lipstick is scented, but the fragrance disappears before I finish getting ready. The pigment, on the other hand, is long-lasting and leaves a decent stain behind after a snack, so reviving it with a lip gloss is a quick and easy fix. While I always prefer to use a lip brush when applying a red lipstick, Clarins' Red Poppy can be easily used straight from the tube. I tried enough times and it doesn't make a mess.

Bottom Line: Love. LOVE.

Clarins Red Poppy 734 Jolie Rouge Lipstick ($24.50) is available at the counters and from most department stores' websites.

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  1. Love a red that leans a bit pink! And one that can be applied from the tube rather than with a brush - even better!


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