Saturday, June 09, 2012

I Read It On The Internet- June 9th

Another too-short season of Mad Men is about to end. With Game Of Thrones gone, Sunday nights are going to be far less fun and my DVR far less busy. It's a good a time as any for some online catch-up.

I was happy to see that CharlestonGirl shares my love of Chantecaille Lip Contour Fill on Best Things In Beauty. This really is a fabulous product and I've gone through countless pencils by now.

Art, unicorns and perfume ads on Tinsel Creation.

The big controversy this week in the cosmetics world was Urban Decay's decision to enter the Chinese market. Li Wen has some choice words on this subject on Ars Aromatica.

I'm a bit cranky with Chanel's upcoming avalanche of new collections, but I did find a couple of must-have items when reading this Cafe Makeup overview.

Go ogle some Le Metier de Beaute lip colors on The Beauty Look Book. Sabrina wears them beautifully.

For the geeks among us: The history of Shiseido in words and images on Drivel About Frivol.

Everyday Beauty features an old favorite of mine: Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel. It's lovely to see this semi-obscure perfume getting the attention it deserves.

Karen might be wearing a pair of crazy pants but Tabs the Cat definitely approves on Makeup & Beauty Blog.

In case you or I thought we had all the Le Metier de Beaute eye shadows you needed, Front Row Beauty reviewed Spicy and Milan.

I completely agree with Shannon from Lipstick Musings about Lush cleansers: they suck.

There's a pretty Sunday Riley lipstick on Lola's Secret Beauty Blog.

London Makeup Girl exfoliates with Omorovicza Gold Sugar Scrub.

This week's brush porn is brought to you by Messy Wands.

I had no idea Becca offered basic nail care products. Modesty Brown corrects this oversight.

Since I can't wear Chanel Rouge Coco in Magnolia, I'll live vicariously through Martha.

Look at NARS Trouville nail polish on Pondering Beauty. So pretty!

The Raeviewer shares her drugstore favorites. I learned a thing or three.

Allison Pearson is no fan of the Prince of Wales.

I like Shawn Colvin's music. She just released her memoir.

Author Ray Bradbury passed away this week. Here's an interview he gave the Paris Review two years ago.


  1. Wow! Thanks for the roundup with all these choice posts to enjoy.

    Regarding your Sunday bereftness, I have but two words for you:

    True Blood.

    You can just watch it for the makeup. And the hunky guys. And the Louisiana charm. And the.... you get the picture.



  2. Wow, thank you Gaia-- I am TREMENDOUSLY honored and flattered to have made it into your "I Read It On The Internet" post-- it makes me feel as though I just won an Oscar!!

    Thank you so much for including the Ray Bradbury Paris Review Interview. His passing is such a profound loss-- this interview is a wonderful celebration of him!

    xoxo, Lola


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