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Oscar de la Renta: Modern Clip-On Earrings

I know I've mentioned before that my ears aren't pierced. It's a family thing, I guess, as my mom and my sister never had their ears pierced, either, and as far as I know the same goes for both my grandmothers. So it's clip-ons for me, which are not so easy to find nowadays except in vintage stores. I collect vintage jewelry, so hunting for earrings is always part of the fun, especially when I come across a gorgeous and delicate screw-back pair from many decades ago. But I do wish for a lot more options in modern fashion jewelry.

I was browsing Net-a-Porter when I came across several pairs of Oscar de la Renta clip-on earrings. They go from elegant to whimsy, some meant to be worn with an evening gown, others will give some extra chic to a casual outfit. I also discovered that Oscar de la Renta is not the only designer who offers clip-ons. There are several more brands that don't require pierced ears, such as Aurélie Bidermann. A new obsession is born.

Do you wear clip-on earrings? Do you buy vintage ones? Please share the fun.

All photos from Net-a-Porter.


  1. I did have my ears pierced but one hole stretched. : ( So these days, when I wear earrings, I wear clip. My hair usually covers my ears though. I do have some vintage ones that I love that belonged to my grandmother. It is hard to find current clips though that don't look like clip on earrings. I like the look of vintage screw-back earrings but with a stretched pierced hole those don't work at all for me.

  2. clips on hurt so much - I used to wear some old pairs of my mothers when I was a kid and not allowed have pierced ears! I'm a big earring fan.

  3. I have tiny earlobes and small tear in one piercing, so if I want to wear bigger earrings, I wear clip style ones. In SF in the autumn I found an amazing pair, completely over the top, but I wear them with simple clothes and enjoy it.

    have a lovely weekend!

  4. It is so frustrating - whenever I see earrings that I like, they are almost always pierced. I don't really wear earrings currently because I have quite bold eyeglasses these days, but I do have interesting earrings from my travels and attractive and versatile silver clips from Mexico, both new and vintage. BTW, I LOVE the ones you've pictured above! ~~nozknoz

  5. Omigoodness. I thought I was the only woman left in America whose ears weren't pierced. Just as a quick poll - how many of my non-pierced sisters have received pierced earrings as gifts? It's happened to me more times than I can count.

    I have quite an assortment of fun clip-ons, many of which are vintage, but I just don't wear them that often anymore because I have a big ol' mess of hair and, well, mostly I just can't be bothered. You can still find them in some department stores - Monet still makes clips, although the selection is fairly limited, and some of the other old-school costume brands. But the vintage ones usually are the best.

  6. Until I had my left lobe pierced, I did wear clip-ons, but unfortunately, I sold or gave most of them away before I met you, dear Gaia.

    Last I knew (it may have changed-) Anne Klein had some clip-ons. Trifari, in the 50s and 60s had wonderful clip-ons.

    Happy hunting! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Lawrence in Ohio

  7. You can get "converters"! I have used them to transform earrings for pierced ears into clip-ons, and you just need a steady hand and a little pairs of pliers to remove and then replace the bit that attaches to your ears. Best to start on cheap pairs for practice, but I didn't have any disasters, and was really happy to be able to wear whatever earrings I fancied. The only trouble is that clip-ons always hurt by the end of the day, even when I have glued a discreet piece of foam to the bit next to the back of the lobe. What's that saying, though? "You must suffer to be beautiful" ......

  8. Hi Gaia, in Milan I discovered a woderful Israeli designer - she makes beautiful clip earrings that look dramatic but are lightweight and...well I am just in love. You can check her website doricsengeri dot com. Ask for the pwd for the in-store collection. I am not affiliated, I just think you'll love her offerings as much as I do!

  9. Hi Gaia, I have a pair of the Oscar clip ons, I still wear clip ons even though I have pierced ears sometimes, their earrings are so well made, their backs are padded with this really soft foam, but they best part is that they are not tight at all, which is usually my problem with clip ons, I can wear them for the entire night and not feel like I have a vice on my earlobe.

  10. I want those in the right bottom corner! :)

  11. I feel the need to comment although I feel awkward doing so as I run a store that sells only clip on earrings from designers and I don't mean it as an advert for myself. But reading the comments I can't help but say something as I feel I can help add a perspective for you that you might only get by talking to someone in the trade.

    I started Make Me Beautiful because I had my ears pierced when I was a teenager and turned nasty faster than a Kim Kardashian wedding and I've never dared get them pierced again. My co-founder doesn't have pierced ears either; she actually doesn't believe in any form of body modification even if it is as everyday and mainstream as ear piercing.

    One of the things I didn't realise is just how many women don't have their ears pierced. There's also a lot of women who wear clips because they want huge earrings without the ageing effect of saggy earlobes you get from pierced earrings or who have pierced ears but still wear clips when they see something that's pretty. Celebs I've seen in clip ons: Taylor Swift, Eva Longoria, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Affleck (if I recall she was clip only for years but got the pierced eventually when given some quarter-million $ earrings to wear to the Academy Awards), J-Lo, Kristen Stewart (from Twighlight who also isn't pierced), Ellen Paige (Inception. Think she's not pierced either), Blake Lively. I hear all the time from women who wear clips that no-one wears them. The truth is that lots do, you just probably weren't looking, just like you weren't Gaia, till Net-a-Porter got you thinking!

    The other thing is how many reasons there are for wearing clips. Allergies (like me), keloids, torn lobes, fear of piercing, wanting to wear OMG size earrings, I think I've heard it all. The secret is that finding good clips is a bit like finding a comfy bra. Different designers will fit differently and since some of us have generous earlobes and others slender ones it's worth trying a few before saying they all pinch. Plus you can adjust most clips very easily to reduce the tension if it's too tight, or you can wear pads, or you can use some of the many other types of non-pierced earrings like screw on, spring loaded or magnetic. Feel free to message if that's a problem you've had; it doesn't matter if you didn't buy the earrings from us, I'd just like a lot of women to know how easy it is to adjust them.

    I love Oscar's creations, although some are too avante garde for my style. My top designers at the moment are Kenneth Jay Lane for some of his incredible hoops, Erikson Beamon for their bling (which was worn at the Superbowl by Madge herself), Bulatti for classic Italian and there are a few indies hand making ear cuffs on Etsy that are just a total rework of everything you thought possible about decorating an ear. As for vintage, there are certain brands worth watching out for, like Corocraft, that had their own patented comfort clip and are really quite a find - they keep going up in value.

    I totally recommend using the internet when it comes to shopping as clips generally aren't a high street thing but because they don't have the hygiene issues that pierced earrings do returns and exchanges shouldn't be a problem either.

    I hope that helps fast track your adventures with clip ons! There's a whole world of style out there and thousands of women wearing them - I can say that as fact because I ship hundreds of pairs a week. Please don't feel you're alone and know there's plenty of help out there if you need it. Will be watching for an update with photos from you soon Gaia =)

    Best wishes,



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