Thursday, June 07, 2012

Linda Evangelista & Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel's:The Little Black Jacket Event

Some outfits can't be rescued even by a supermodel like Linda Evangelista. Not even standing next to Karl Lagerfeld can help this 1980s reject ensemble with its off proportions and ugly shoes. In Linda's place I'd be dragging Uncle Karl into the nearest restroom and force him to switch clothes with me. He's much better dressed and I'm sure Linda could beat him into a pulp if he refused.

Photos of Linda Evangelista & Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel's:The Little Black Jacket Event by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images North America via Zimbio.


  1. Oh my that's awful and she's such an attractive model otherwise.

  2. Yikes! I don't know what's worse, the Terminator hairstyle or the loaded-diaper pants!!!!

  3. Wow, you're so right (of course!): she'd look fabulous in what he's wearing. Clothes and weird hairstyle aside, at 47 she still puts the super in supermodel! ~~nozknoz

  4. She looks like a man, baby!

  5. It's official-the 80's are back. I'm seeing kids sporting all sorts of 80's hair doos. And it's not a pretty thing.

  6. Ugh. Terrible look ! Mind you, if I wore that outfit with that hairstyle I would look 1000 times worse than Linda ! *LOL*

  7. Oh, what passes for haute couture these days...
    That reminds me of some men's underwear I see now only in our folklore museums. Also, dye it black and it's an old, traditional Cretan pair of trousers (VRA-ka, I believe it's called).
    I don't know if I should laugh or desk-bang with that outfit. It doesn't do her any justice.


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