Monday, June 11, 2012

Hakuhodo S127 Eye Shadow Brush

My Hakuhodo S127 brush has seen a few states and countries in the year I've had it. It's always one of the first brushes I pack and it sees a lot of use, even in a brush collection as large as mine.

I know some people think that many eye shadow brushes from Hakuhodo's S100 series are too soft and lack in precision for a heavy pigment application. My guess would be that it depends on the brand and texture of the eye shadows one uses. The more tightly the product is packed in the pan, the firmer the brush needs to be. It's not a high end/low end issue: some Chanel quads are harder and less saturated than others, and I tend to apply them with Paula Dorf, Sue Devitt and Shu Uemura brushes. But that's the exception.

Hakuhodo S127 is a small(ish) flat eye brush. It's actually closer in shape to the S121G than to the S133 that's pictured here, because it's more tapered and has an almost pointy edge. It's excellent for packing color on the lid, adding a shimmery layer, creating a shape, and/or highlighting. The soft Canadian squirrel hair has just enough bounce and movement without any floppiness, resulting in a great balance between collecting product and depositing it on the lid. I pat the color on, then use the edge to blend and diffuse.

Bottom Line: Excellent.

Hakuhodo S127 Eye Shadow Brush ($51) is available from They ship internationally.


  1. I just got the S133. methinks I must now get this! looks like it'd be more effective.

  2. It better be excellent with that 53 dollar price tag hah. I need to get my hands on the K007

  3. I AM DROOLING over this brush!! It's going to have to go on my Hakuhodo list!!

  4. Which one applies more sheer color? the S133 or s127? I'm looking to apply very pigment powder eyeshadows that are matte and ones that have sparkle in them and also cream shadows in paint pots


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