Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Duran Duran on 'Good Morning America'

I don't watch Good Morning America, so I missed seeing my boys Simon, John, Roger and Nick from Duran Duran make an appearance on the show yesterday. I can't help my nerdy self: I still like them and it's great to see that John Taylor still has great hair and that Nick Rhodes is a sharp dresser (and loves his makeup). John is about to publish a memoir. In fact, I heard about it on Julie Ann Rhodes' blog (yes, Nick's ex-wife. Her blog is mostly about food, but with a lot of personal stories and photos thrown in). The book is scheduled for release in October, so I foresee quite a bit of Duran Duran presence in the media this fall. In the meantime, I'm about to start reading another Duran Duran autobiography, the 2008 book by Andy Taylor ( 'Wild Boy: My Life in Duran Duran' ). I just downloaded it, so we'll see how it goes.

Photo credit: PacificCoastNews.com via Zimbio


  1. They became popular when in was in 8th grade or so. All the girls were in love with Andy, but I had a soft spot for Simon (I've always had a thing for blonds). Do you remember those buttons/pins we used to all wear in the 80's with sayings on them (Like, OMIGOD!) or our favorite celebrities? I remember us collecting all of the DD ones. Wow. I just realized what a dork I was.

  2. Shannon, I had these buttons! Duran Duran, Wham!, Madonna and Michael Jackson (the latter was a year or two earlier, though). I wanted to marry either John Taylor or George Michael, possibly both...

  3. Too funny! Hopefully, all photographic evidence of us during that period has been well-hidden, never to resurface. I, too, planned to marry George Michael. I was devastated when I realized it was not to be.


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