Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Emanuel Ungaro- Diva

While we all know they no longer make them the way they used to, some perfumes seem a bit more change resistant. Case in point: Diva, a 1983 Jacques Polge creation for Emanuel Ungaro. Maybe it's because Ungaro hasn't completely given up on the house's perfumes and still actively advertises the classics and keeps them on actual shelves in real department stores. Or perhaps Polge made Diva into a super-perfume, an almost indestructible chypre. It's not that Diva hasn't changed, but unless my Neiman Marcus uses an ancient tester, it's still a gorgeous chyperish perfume, as big as it was in the 1980s.

The list of notes includes everything but the kitchen sink. Flowers in every color and shape all gathered around a big red rose, honey, animalics as long as the eye can see, vanilla, patchouli, spices and leather. Oh, and oakmoss, glorious oakmoss, at least in my older bottle. I've been spraying myself silly from the Neiman tester on every visit to the store and it's still a big (BIG!) fruity rose with lots of other things going on around it and a big (BIG!) oriental dry-down. This perfumes sashays around me, holds onto the folds of my scarves and coats, reminds me to touch-up my lipstick and stand up straight.

The older version is gorgeous, dramatic and romantic. Some might say it's dated in the same way as Paloma Picasso, First (VC&A) or the original Sonia Rykiel Le Parfum. Since I wear all of the above with pleasure and have never felt they're wearing me (some of them have been in my collection for over 20 years), all I can say is "whatever". If you enjoy dark honeyed roses that don't let go and hide some dirty secrets I'd recommend giving Diva a chance. It's probably not for the office or a first date with an easily confused young men, but a romantic night would fit Diva like a gorgeous Emanuel Ungaro gown.

Diva by Emanuel Ungaro can be easily found on shelves and online, usually for very cuddly prices.


  1. I remember spritzing this in the 80's and thinking wow! Love it! Came home and my mother promptly sent me to shower, I was a teenager and I think she thought it was too "Big" a fragrance for me!

    Cristalle edt by Chanel was more "teen" appropriate according to my mom!

  2. So glad you highlighted Diva. Diva was my first perfume at age 14. Of course it must have seemed way too old for me then but I was a budding perfumista... :)
    I still adore the bottle and the ads with that gorgeous white dress.

  3. Diva is a fairly recent discovery for me, and I love it. Paloma Picasso can be a bit harsh or sharp on me, but Diva's honey note softens the chypre. A great evening fragrance: it really does turn me into a diva! (In a good way).

  4. How funny! I just purchased a bottle of Diva last week. I've always liked this "big" fragrance but this is a friend's signature. It took over 2000 miles of separation for me to be allowed to wear this one ;)


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