Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ineke- Field Notes From Paris

 Ineke Rühland's Field Notes From Paris, unlike the city for which it's named, has a quiet beauty that sneaks up on you and takes you by a complete surprise. Its originality is in the treatment of the ubiquitous orange blossom note. Even if you think you've seen every possible variation- from the grand white florals that pair it with jasmine, tuberose and/or rose (the original Chloe, Vero Kern's Rubj, Joy),  to the cumin laden Fleurs d'Oranger (Serge Lutens), This 2009 Ineke creation has something new to offer.

Field Notes From Paris starts as a somewhat dry and introverted floral- no feathery boas here. The tobacco flower and tobacco leaf are making the fragrance easy to wear for men just as well as for women (see Kevin's review on NST). It's so understated and mellow at first that ones you catch that whiff of the beautiful core it suddenly takes your breath away. There's a beautiful transition towards a woody vanilla drydown while still maintaining some of the floral character, so Field Notes never becomes too thick or dark. The one promised note that manages to fully escape me is the leather. I don't get any and dearly wish I did, but even so, Ineke has fully captured my heart with this beauty.

Field Notes From Paris ($88, 2.5oz) and the rest of Ineke's perfumes are available from beautyhabit.com as well as directly from ineke.com. The sample set is highly recommended.

Art: Dmitri Danish- Cafe in Paris

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  1. Ah. Think I might need to get that sample set. I tried one of Ineke's scents (can't remember which, it was a busy busy day) and liked it. Plus I hear so much about them, it makes me curious. If only all companies would release sets like this, it would make our lives - and choices - much easier!
    Thanks for reminding me, Gaia. x


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