Saturday, October 17, 2009


About to start reading Dreaming In French by Megan McAndrew. Fiction, coming of age between Paris and New York in the 70s.

E313ACA by Isobel Heyworth. It's a weird little thing.

Frequently worn outfit/item
Jeans. Especially loving the skinnies from DL 1961. They have good proportions and don't look ridiculous or over 80fied.

Tom Ford Private Blend Japon Noir. Dusty smoke? Smoky dust? With vetiver and patchouli.

The new Bobbi Brown Earth Metal lip & eye palette. Review coming up in a few days. No one does Metallic like Bobbi.

Mac & cheese. Yup, healthy.

Ginger Oolong tea with milk.

Guilty Pleasure
Green & Black milk chocolate with roasted peanuts and sea salt. Kill me now.

Bane of my existence
It won't be warm again for the next six months.

A new house.

Wish List
Where do I start? Furnishing and decorating said house is going to occupy my wish list for the foreseeable future.

Isn't this the best TV season we've had in ten years?

What are your current favorites, joys and banes? Please share!

Photo: Yellow Sacrf by Saul Leiter, 1956


  1. Book - re-reading La Bete Humaine by Emile Zola. In translation, unfortuntely.

    Song - America (from West Side Story)

    Outfit - colorful skirts and tops from local designer Spacecraft

    Perfume - my newest love, L'Heure Bleue. Hated this for years until I smelled the extrait.

    Makeup - none

    Food - Chili

    Drink - McLaren Vale Shiraz (copious quantities)

    Guilty pleasure - toast smeared thickly with butter and Tasmanian Leatherwood honey

    Bane - bills

    Joy - pumpkins from our garden

    Anticipation - my delayed order

    Wishlist - Vero Profumo Kiki

    Thought - love your blog!


  2. The only current thing for me is anticipation - I completely agree with anticipating the HP movie :)

  3. book - "maurice" e.m. forster
    song - "where do i go?" new cast recording of Hair
    outift - khaki shorts and tee's
    perfume - kiehl's grapefruit oil
    makeup - none
    food - vietnamese shrimp and tofu rolls w/ peanut sauce
    drink - pimm's cup w/ soda and cucumber
    guilty pleasure - "haper's island" on CBS
    bane - humidity
    joy - sunny afternoons paired with a nice, long walk
    anticipation - new "Harry Potter", as well
    wishlist - trip to new zealand
    thought - remember that you get what you give.....give wisely.


  4. Book
    "atlas of novel tectonics" for school, re-reading "brief interviews with hideous men"

    nina simone/ella fitzgerald stations on pandora...

    Frequently worn outfit/item
    sports bra and booty-shorts for yoga!

    diptyque tam dao. i have been *loving* the samples you sent btw! i'm saving up for a bottle of chergui. i'm obsessed.

    same as usual. i need to mix it up more.

    oatmeal with dates, honey and cinnamon.

    earl grey la creme tea! incredible.

    Guilty Pleasure

    Bane of my existence
    the chair i have to finish designing/build by the 29th...

    boyfriend visiting halloween weekend.

    Wish List
    someone to help me build my chair.

    wish i had cable so i could watch mad men tomorrow night!

  5. Book
    Cynthia Ozick's "Metaphor & Memory"

    Gabriel and Dresden's Chill Mix of Motorcycle's "As The Rush Comes"

    Frequently worn outfit/item
    my cheap but colorful and cute fake pashminas from Chinatown. gotta love Canal Street!

    my beloved press release sample of Kenzo UFO (I wonder if it's still available because I may need a full sized bottle) and Bond No.9 New Haarlem (my staple cold weather scent)

    my rapidly growing Paul and Joe collection. currently loving Pearl Powder #002 and Lip Gloss #10

    pasta with turkey meatballs and a pasta sauce filled with mixed veggies. I tried to be healthy =/

    Lipton tea =)

    Guilty Pleasure
    right now my guilty pleasure is Dylan's Candy Bar - I work 3 blocks from it!

    Bane of my existence
    my complicated relationship with my best friend. who I used to date.

    Sephora Friends and Family! making a small order. also I'm in the market for a new scent or two. thinking about Paul and Joe Bleu and Ineke Field Notes from Paris.

    Wish List
    To start eating better!

    RocknRolla is one of the best movies I've Netflixed in awhile =)

  6. Book: several mathematics books in mid-stream, but mostly reading the latest issues of TLS, The New Criterion, and First Things.

    Song: none right now, hymns this morning.

    Outfit: same as always, halfway between formal and informal, not really distinctive in any way... except maybe for the hat.

    Perfume: New York, from Parfums de Nicolai.

    Makeup: no. It would mess up my beard.

    Food: Turkey saltimboca, pasta, salad.

    Drink: wine.

    Guilty pleasure: ebay.

    Bane: too much to do, students who do badly on tests, so many smells and so little cash.

    Joy: my sons seem to be happy.

    Anticipation: looking forward to my wife's broken finger healing.

    Wishlist: Veroprofumo Kiki, Guerlain Derby, the latest Terry Pratchett, more time.

    Wish I already had done: finish my paper on George Cantor.

  7. Mary, thank you so much!
    L'Heure Bleue in extrait is amazing. The vintage PDT is also worth trying.
    And now I'm craving buttered-honeyed toast...

  8. K., I'm so happy you're enjoying the samples!

  9. Joey, I just bought some Paul & Joe makeup. I love the cute packaging and the colors are delightful.

  10. Fernando, you have a beautiful wishlist. I might wear Derby tomorrow- you inspired me.
    And hats are definitely distinctive :) . People should wear them more often.

  11. Book - Proust's A La Recherche du Temps Perdu, in French (forcing myself to slog through this classic I've managed to avoid for 43 years)

    Outfit - Paige denim and Pliner cowboy boots

    Perfume - Kilian Back to Black - yum!!

    Makeup - new dior Smoky Crystal palette

    Food - almond butter and strawberry chocolate jam sandwiches

    Drink - Vitamin Water

    Guilty pleasure - see gourmet PBJ sandwiches above!

    Bane - boring tedious stuff at work

    Joy - furry cuddly puppies at home

    Anticipation - Christmas in Montreal

    Wishlist: TDC Oriental Lounge and L'Artisan Al Oudh

    Thought - breathe deep and be here now


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