Thursday, October 15, 2009

Falling In Love- Scents And Treats For Fall

Change of season is always a time for reflection, looking back and remembering special moments from our past. There's something about fall that even a summer and spring person like me can't resist. New beginnings, new clothes, something fresh in the air and the smell of a homemade pie. A group of scent-centric bloggers is bringing you ideas and perfumes for the season. Enjoy!

1.First day of school- As a student and as a teacher, there was always something wonderful and promising about the first day of school. The clean slate, the smell of all the new school items. Monocle Scent One: Hinoki by Comme des Garçons has all that and the pencil shavings.

2. One of my favorite fall activities us a day trip to see fall foliage. Two hours drive north and you're in a different world, far from the city and the bustling suburbs around it. The area where NY State meets CT is as countryside as I can handle. Dairy farms, horse ranches and lots of fields. I love stopping at McEnroe Organic Farm Market on 5409 Rte 22, Millerton, NY. It's like a mini rustic Whole Foods. The vegan hummus and grilled veggies panini is a real treat. A scent for such a day would be Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque, Burning Leaves from CB I Hate Perfume or the foresty Q by Roxana Illuminated Perfume.

3. I might not have the right shoes for apple and pumpkin picking, but I bake a mean pie. It's easy, satisfying and makes the house smell heavenly. I actually prefer using acorn squash (and I cook it in the microwave with just a little water to make the filling). But it's all about the spice. Rousse by Serge Lutens is the ultimate sweet cinnamon scent. An honorary mention goes to Gathering Apples by CB I Hate Perfume (except that I can't really wear anything that smells like apples).

4.Cashmere sweaters are one of the best things about the season. Le Parfum by Sonia Rykiel was actually conceived as a sweater scent and I love the way it lingers on my clothes and scarves. My favorite cashmere items are wrap dresses by DVF. She has one or two of those every year. This season she made one in dark heather purple (the color is a bit more muted than it appears in the photo above).

5. The other must have wardrobe piece: black boots. There are many great leather scents, but this season, especially if you're taking the boots to the thigh-high extremes, Rien by Etat Libre d'Orage is as black leather as it gets (with more than a hint of dominatrix).

6.Back to the city, autumn in New York is especially beautiful and romantic. Cuir de Lancome, a soft floral leather has an elegant urban quality. It's perfect for a date. One of my favorite places for a night out is Lil' Frankie's Pizza on First Avenue. Simple, satisfying Italian food and very vegetarian friendly. The fire-roasted eggplant, olive oil mashed potatoes and tiramisu are to die for.

7. Judging for this week's weather (it actually snowed today north of the city), it's not very likely we'll have an Indian summer. But those of you lucky enough to enjoy a day or two of warmth can count on red fruit perfumes with just a hint of harvest. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir and Annick Goutal Quel Amour! would do the trick. The body cream of Bois de Paradis by Parfums Delrae is a gorgeous way to pamper yourself on such a day.

8.My birthday is in late fall. I already know what I'll be wearing: Ferme Tes Yeaux by JAR. Animalic, floral and raw at the same time, and as personal to me as an intimate secret. I promise to review it on that day.

9. Some days call for self indulging. Taking a mental health day to stay home, listen to the rain and watch old classics and an episode or two of Buffy, preferably the musical. Mazzolari Lei is snuggly, powdery with chocolate and vanilla. Perfect for a guilty pleasure day on the couch.

10.We cannot forget Halloween. Darkness, shadows, black cats... Donna Karan Black Cashmere is all that and more- spicy incense, saffron and mystery.

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    Title image: Autumn in Sepia by Rick Lundh (via Additional art: Earth Tones by Ann Murray and Fall Evening by Dmitri Danish.
    Diane Von Furstenberg dress:


    1. Even though it's fining up here, these scents sounds just lovely!

    2. Love your choices, and now I MUST get my hands one some of the Sonia Rykiel!

    3. What a fun list of scents...and you explore them in a fun way. I had no idea about the CG Hinoki; I am a repeat student and teacher myself, and love the first day of school and the supplies as well. Pencil shavings? Must explore!

      Agree whole-heartedly about the Cuir De Lancome; urbane beauty. Have just experienced Fumerie Turque for the first time a short while ago, and I can feel how you associated it with a day also suitable for Q or Burning Leaves. (I love to use BL as a layering note in the fall...not too often, of course...actually, any time I want to touch in with that vibe.)

      Thanks for the post!

    4. As usual, wonderful choices and reasoning behind them and we share tastes (but we knew that).
      But what I simply love is the antithesis between the classic, suave French troubadours and the unexpected olfactory avant-gardes!


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