Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Edward Bess Pure Impact Mascara

I loved every Edward Bess makeup item I've tried so far, so my expectations from his Pure Impact Mascara were extremely high. After all, the man created some of the most beautiful and elegant eye shadows you'd ever find. But mascara requires more than supreme aesthetics and attention to details, and this one, while quite good, is not the best thing ever.

Pros: Pure Impact gives considerable length and curl. The color's name, Deep Black, is spot on, as it really is very rich and glossy, yet it dries very quickly, so you can apply more coats (you'll need them) without dotting and smudging.

Cons: The mascara isn't volumizing and you need to really work it to see impressive results. But piling up the coats results in several tiny clumps, and the brush isn't very good at separating the lushes. This creates a look that screams "I'm wearing tons of mascara", which I know many women likes, I'm just not one of them. Another issue is cause by the elegant narrow tube. The color tends to collect and goop at its neck and opening, resulting in a need to wipe the excess (thus losing some of the material) from the rim and from the brush.

Bottom line: Decent, but unless you're focused on length and glossiness, there are better mascaras out there.

Edward Bess Pure Impact Mascara ($29) is available from edwardbess.com and Bergdorf Goodman (in-store only), which is where I bought it.

Photos by me.


  1. Based on the hype about this line, I ordered this mascara, the bronzer in "daylight" (flat and orange), and the (muddy and underwhelming) eyeshadow in "intimate." Mailed it all back right away, signature upon receipt, with a polite note explaining my disappointment. Never heard a word from Edward Bess customer service, either about a refund or anything else. I'll stick to Chantecaille, thanks.

  2. Thank you, I thought I was the only one that the bronzer went blotchy and orange on! Well at least Im not crazy! lol


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