Friday, October 02, 2009

LipFusion Color Shine

I never got the LipFusion hype. I've tried several of the products when they first appeared at Sephora and was never moved to buy them. Their Lash Fusion XL mascara is Clump City without any visible benefit, and I deeply dislike lip plumping products that sting. But the LipFusion Color Shine was a gift with purchase, and the color, Sexy, a sheer watermelon red is great, so I started testing it.

The marketing babble about Color Shine talks about "marine collagen microspheres are instantly absorbed by the lips, and seek out the body’s natural moisture. As soon as the spheres become re-hydrated, they plump and hold onto the moisture they’ve collected, creating a mild "swelling" of the lip tissue". I can't talk about microspheres and collagen, but I own enough lip products that hydrate the lip tissue and give similar results without the pseudo-science and the weird numbing feeling. Oh, and none of them costs $38.

As I said above, Sexy is a lovely color. It looks bold in the tube, but it's very sheer and wearable. Together with the plumping action, the "bitten" effect is nice. The gloss doesn't stay on long, but the extra moisture holds on for a while.

Bottom line: If you can deal with the price tag and the way Color Shine feels on your lip, it's a decent lip gloss/plumper.

LipFusion Color Shine ($38) is available from Nordstrom and Sephora.

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  1. Gaia- This is my first comment on your blog, which I love! It isn't really a comment though; it's a question. I moved out west 2 years ago for my husband's work. The winters wreak HAVOC on my skin. The wrinkles are getting worse and I am only 28, but the dryness is killer. Any reccommendations for face (day & night creams), hand creme, and lip moisturizers would be a GODSEND! Thank you so so so much!

    Avid follower

  2. I agree with your review, pretty colours, nice smoothing "bitten" effect. And available in many other products for a lot less $$$

    For a gloss that lasts less than half an hour on the lips, the price is insulting. Almost $45 Canadian dollars.


  3. I definitely agree about the price thing - I was shocked the first time I saw the tag, had to read it over n over just to convince myself it really did say $38! And I though DuWop's Lip Venom was pricey, geez!

  4. I have the clear one from LipFusion. It has lasted me ages, and I don't find the numbing feeling unpleasant (for example I thought City Lips felt too stinging on)!
    It is a bit pricey though, no doubt!

    Could you recommend another lip plumper that does the job, but doesn't cost as much? I 'd be grateful!



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