Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Skin by Alison Raffaele Soft Shadow (Taupe)

I've been an Alison Raffaele fan for years, ever since discovering her soft lip glosses when the line made a very brief appearance at Sephora. The Soft Eye shadows are just as good, and like all Alison Raffaele products, deserve a lot more love and recognition for the excellent quality and sophisticated aesthetics.

Taupe is the perfect eye shadow for a natural look. It shades the lid and the crease just enough to give depth and a silky smooth appearance, without drawing attention to the makeup. If you like the French 'Le No Makeup' look, this would be a perfect way to achieve it: Taupe eye shadow, a touch of black mascara and a reddish lipstick- you're ready to take Paris.

The Soft Shadow is very easy to blend and would work with just about any color you use as a liner. It stays put over a primer without creasing or fading, keeping one's look chic throughout the day and evening.

Bottom line: Deserves more hype.

Alison Raffaele Skin Soft Eye Shadows ($19.50) and the rest of her line are available on and several online retailers. I got this one as a gift with purchase.

Photos by me.

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