Friday, October 23, 2009

Cle de Peau Extra Silky Lipstick (117)

They weren't kidding about the "extra silky".

This Cle de Peau lipstick is one of the softest, smoothest lipsticks I've tried. It's almost like a balm, but with great coverage and excellent pigment (though some of the lighter shades are a bit more sheer). The staying power isn't as amazing as the regular lipsticks, but there's only so much you can expect from a super moisturizing lip color. I chose no. 117, which as you can see is a reddish plum, but I already see a couple of others in my future.
A couple of warnings: The lipstick doesn't retract, so only expose a little for each use. Also, never leave it in the car or expose the tube to direct sunlight. The super melty texture doesn't like heat. I took the photos on a warm day outside and you can clearly see the effect in the swatch picture.

Cle de Peau Extra Silky Lipstick ($50) is available from the best department stores. I bought mine from my local Saks.

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