Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Chanel Particulière- The Next Nail Polish Stampede

Did anyone think the Chanel Jade craze was a one time thing?

There's already a new color in the works for spring 2010. has some details and a photo on the Beauty Counter blog, and it looks very good. The new color, Particulière, designed by Chanel makeup director Peter Philips, is a shimmery mauve-gray, looks right up my alley. It actually reminds me of another Chanel polish color I had years ago- around 2002 or so, but that color had probably more brown.

Particulière is expected to launch in January 2010. Is it on your list?



  1. That sounds like a gorgeous colour, I'm yet to try the Jade but I think 'unusual' colours in general are here to stay

  2. That's pretty. It reminds me a bit of Grunge by Rescue Beauty Lounge. Perfect for spring too.

  3. Looks really interesting!
    Can't wait to look at swatches and promo pics, if it's not very dupable, I 'd love to try it out, haven't bought a Chanel nail polish in ages!


  4. Is it going to be a limited version as well?

    It's nervewrecking! Haha...

    Looks pretty nice!


  5. I love Particuliere. I had a spa manicure and pedicure yesterday. It looks beautiful and I have received so many compliments.


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