Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Laura Biagiotti Venezia

Another lost perfume.
I could never understand why Venezia by Laura Biagiotti was discontinued. It was everywhere in the 90s and I'm pretty sure a scary percentage of my college population was wearing it at one point. I think of Venezia as the mother of many much inferior fruity-floriental that came after it. While I'm rarely in the mood for this honeyed blackcurrant jam with a side of rose and a creamy vanilla-amber drydown, it is a very pleasant scent with quite a bit of sex appeal.

There's something velvety about the way Venezia wears. It's a perfect romantic perfume, both for a first date and the third one. The fruity element is disarming at the beginning of the evening, but later leaves the scene for the usual suspects- vanilla and sandalwood.

I have no idea about the sales numbers and business decision that lead to Biagiotti's decision to axe Venezia. I doubt any of the other perfumes from this house has the same devoted fans that would shell lots of pretty pennies on eBay just to get one more bottle. I hear there's a dupe by Long Lost Perfumes, but I've never tried it. I was lucky enough to find a partial bottle of the EDT for a very reasonable price. I don't wear it enough to justify hunting for more, but I admit wishing I could get my hands on the parfum extrait that is rumored to have existed once upon a time.

Art: Venetian Cortasanas by Fabian Perez
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  1. I don't want to blame Venezia for the crap that came later. I still can smell that currant opening: blushing youth and blooming sexuality. This may be my godchild's Christmas present..

  2. I got Venezia as a present in the 90's and now that i read your post i miss it so much - maybe i still have my bottle somewhere, i should look for it!

  3. "Laura" by Laura Biagiotti is another that is no longer sold in the US. My cousin loves it, and I was able to get it for her through an online discounter. It reminds me of Dior's "J'adore".

  4. I really miss Venezia!!!

    You wrote so lovely and accurate about it.

    Do you, by any chance, have any ideas where I could find even a drop of it?
    Thank you

    PS - the same thing happened with Yohji Yamamoto Perfume by Yohji Yamamoto

  5. I completely agree..i managed to buy the last bottle for my wedding 7 years ago..and treasure it more than gold:) I use it maybe twice a year on VERY special occasions..

  6. Since it discontinued I have not been able to find a perfume that so adequately summed up who I am as a woman, and which seemed to fit so well on my skin. I do hope someone saved the recipe and that it will achieve some kind of revival one day. In the mean time I can but dream of the heady days of my youth...

  7. Nice words about the perfume I like so much...
    What is interesting....I read all comments and....I have Laura, I have Yohji Yamamoto and I like J'Adore...We have alot in common, guys :)

  8. Bought the duplicate EDT from ""- Irma Shorell, and I love it. I have the empty bottle on hand to buy another.
    I can't do a side by side comparison, but it seems the same to me as the original (and I can honestly say I have no ties to this company, just that it smelled the way I hoped it would). I have never received such consistent compliments & felt as seductive with any other perfume.
    I was turned on to it sometime in the late 1990s when my sister had to give me her bottle since it unfortunately contributed to her migraine headaches. Best of luck- and sometimes the work to get just the right fragrance is worth the effort!!!

  9. I loved the perfume, given to me by a friend years ago. Of course, I as well as you, was dissapointed by it being discontinued. I was just wondering if anyone knew about this: Someone asked for my fav perfume many years ago, and I said Venezia. He bought me a gift for Christmas, it was a gift set, a nice sized bottle of the perfume, but additionally, their was a vase included. The perfume is long gone, but I still have the vase. Has anyone else seen/heard of this?? Know anything about it?? TY ~Cheryl

  10. Cheryl, this is the first time I hear about such a set. Hopefully someone will have more details.

  11. Girls, I really miss Venezia too! Today I saw in the Laura Biagiotti's web site that the fragance will come back again! :)))

  12. su, can i get that website info for the comeback of Venezia?

  13. I have one last small bottle. I love this scent so much so that it's hard to use a single drop. Since this perfume has been discontinued I haven't been able to find anything that slightly resembles this.

  14. To my great suprise, they are now launching a "modern" Venezia! I will run to the store tomorrow and check it out! :-)

  15. Hi, iv just bought venezia in a german online shop.i live in spain,the perfum was here in one week .Maybe is not so strong like before, but the smell is the same.
    this is the address where you can buy:
    i m so happy they launched again this fragrance!!!
    germany is the first country where they allready sell venezia..

  16. Hi I have bought the perfume on the official website and I'm so happy with it. :)


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