Monday, October 19, 2009

Molinard Fleur de Figuier

Fleur de Figuier by Molinard might have been the greatest surprise I had at PXA 2009, the perfume expo last summer. While I definitely appreciate the classic perfumes of the house, I've never given the Les Fleurs series more thought than using Lavande as a sheet spray (highly recommended, by the way). But having the rare opportunity to see the entire line and test as many as I could, has shown me there is more to Molinard than Habanita.

I have quite a few fig scents in my collection, but Fleur de Figuier managed to surprise me with its originality. It's not a milky green fig nor is it woody or fruity. It has a lot of green in it, but it comes from bitter galbanum, which dominates the perfume beautifully. There's a hint of sweetness at the top, but it doesn't last, making the perfume a lot more interesting than you'd expect.

There's something very relaxed and easygoing in Fleur de Figuier. It's casual, but not in a "sport" way, just cool, laid back and not trying too hard. It's a happy scent for a happy place, as long as all involved really enjoy galbanum.

The US distribution of Molinard perfumes is somewhat spotty, but Fleur de Figuier, Lavande and most others can be found online for about $30. I bought my bottles from

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  1. Hoorah! Another Fleur de Figuier fan, at last. While I'm a big fan of green figs in hot summer weather, I was swept off my feet by the creaminess of this. Very wearable, I've found myself picking up this bottle a lot since I stumbled upon it this summer.

  2. Wordbird, Fleur de Figuier definitely deserves a lot more love and recognition, as does the entire house of Molinard. There are some lovely gems hidden in their catalog.

    1. thank you so much for writing about this scent. i often read about fragrance which holds promise to be wonderful but if i succumb and buy it un-tested am all too often not thrilled. this one pushes all the buttons and might become a fast fave. i love its greeness and powdery subtlety. a gem for summer wearing and might even last until the first frosts or even longer when the days are short and dark.


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