Sunday, October 04, 2009

Rock & Republic Luxe Lip Gloss

Rock & Republic Luxe Lip Glosses have only slightly more tolerable names than their blushes (Cougar, Trainwreck and Mistress are the worst of the bunch), but once again, the products are really nice and deserve a better marketing approach. I chose the darkest one available, Tyrant (because, obviously, thinking of tyrants make one feel pretty. Ugh).

Tyrant is a non-shimmer deep red, a bit dramatic, though you can go with a very sheer application and tone it down. It wears comfortably and has enough moisture to keep lips looking happy. Some of the pigment remains after the gloss itself is gone with your lunch, so I advise to actually wipe it off before re-applying, otherwise you get some dark spots.

Bottom line: Very nice, but there's nothing attractive about tyrants. Caligula, anyone?

Rock & Republic Luxe Lip Gloss ($26) is available from Nordstrom.

All photos are mine.


  1. I still think the worst name ever goes to Illamasqua for their mint green nail polish. Truly dreadful.

    I do agree that R&R have gone a little too far with the risque names - there's nothing admirable about a l/g called Mistress. It's a shame, because the colours and textures in this line are wonderful (there are some really beautiful eyeshadows.) I fear for its future - it's been pulled from retailers in the US and I think it's gone from Harrods here too.

  2. The first time I encountered cosmetic names that were created purely for shock value was when Urban Decay debuted. With names like Asphyxia, Mildew, Uzi, Gash, Acid Rain and Oil Slick, the line was seeking to project a hip, edgy, counter-culture urban vibe. It was also moderately priced and featured in places like Sephora where young girls love to experiment with cosmetics. R&R, on the other hand is expensive and is sold in upscale stores. Although the cosmetics themselves are quite good, R&R's marketing approach is confused and sends mixed messages.


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