Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tom Ford Private Blend- Bois Rouge

Since upcoming changes in Tom Ford's Private Blend line have been confirmed, and Bois Rouge seems to be one of the endangered scents, I figured it's a good time to discuss it, before the perfume goes to the eternal perfume counter in the sky.

Why hasn't Bois Rouge become more popular? Browsing the various discussion boards doesn't bring much, which is a symptom, for sure. The few comments I've managed to find refer to its masculinity- some even suggest women should avoid it altogether, unlike most of the other Private Blend scents that are more eagerly shared. It might have something to do with the top notes. There's a sharp spiciness there that is almost meat-like. It's not cumin, but something pungent that could have come right out of a spice rub. It reminds me a little of the opening notes in Encens Epice (from Italian niche house Il Profumo), and similarly, settles down quickly, in this case into a dense woody substance.

From that point on I start to really enjoy the ride. Someone on Basenotes (I might be mixing the forums) said that only very butch women can carry Bois Rouge. This statement amused me to no end, of course. I definitely see and smell the masculine notes here, but it's a smooth and dapper scent, not heavy boots and flannel shirt, so wearing it on my (very feminine, thankyouverymuch) skin has a special charm. I get a slightly burnt patchouli, some leather and this covert sweetness, which one needs to really get close in order to smell. It's lovely.

There's something a bit naughty in wearing Bois Rouge. Maybe because I'm not supposed to go there, or maybe it's the fragrance itself. Of course I like smelling it on a man, but I adore borrowing it for myself, like burying my nose in the jacket of a sophisticated, well-traveled (but clean) man.

Photo of John Hamm as Don Draper on Mad Men from AMC

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