Monday, October 26, 2009

Christian Dior- Diorliner (Plum)

Dior look for Fall 2009 was very purple centric (the theme continues to the Holiday collection, only this time as a silvery lavender. Review of the nail polish coming later this week). The plum eyeliner caught my eye in the display, and since the format of Diorliner is different than any of the eyeliners in my current rotation, it was the perfect time to bring it home with me.

Diorliner is a liquid liner in what looks like a pen, but instead of a felt tip it actually has a real brush. I'm usually scared of eyeliner brushes, but quickly discovered that Dior made it wonderfully easy to control, so with just a little practice I can draw as thick or as thin a line as I wish.

Plum (no. 888) is a warm purple with a metallic finish and subtle reddish shimmer. Since it's a much softer color than black, If you make the line thin enough, it's easy to wear during the day. A thicker line that shows off the shine would make a very pretty evening/holiday look. It goes beautifully with fall colors and gold-based eye shadows, and I've been wearing it successfully with Bobbi Brown's Metallic Plum palette from a couple of years ago.

I use the liner with a lid primer, and it's been staying on without creasing or flaking until I remove my makeup at night. Since the texture starts out very wet, you need to wait a few seconds until it's fully dry, but once it is, there's no smudging.

Diorliner has one design flaw- the dispensing mechanism. You need to twist the bottom to release the color into the brush, but it takes some trial and error to figure out just how much to twist to avoid an overflow, and even then it's always just a bit too much, so some of the product ends up going to waste and is constantly dripping on the pen, as you can see in the photo.

Bottom line: Almost perfect.

Diorliner ($31) is available from every decent department store and Sephora. I bought mine at my local Bloomingdale's.

Photos by me.

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