Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kanebo Sensai Collection Premier the Body Cream

This is one of the very few occasions in my life I'm quite happy to be short and not have neverending limbs. It makes my sample of body cream from Kanebo Sensai Collection Premier last just a bit longer.

This cream is beyond fabulous (and for $400 per 8.5 oz it better be). I've slathered my share of creams, lotions, butters and oils. Some were better than others, but I think it's the first time I could see the product's effect lasting on the skin for 24 hours. What I mean is that while this is definitely not the first super hydrating cream I've tried and loved, by the next day (and usually sooner) my skin is already demanding more. With Kanebo Sensai Premier, the newly found softness is still noticeably there. Considering my cuir de crocodile, this is quite impressive.

I haven't been using the cream long enough (it is a sample, after all) to comment on any long term anti-aging effect. The marketing materials talk about 20 active ingredients and name things such as Bukuryo extract, Chinese mulberry, seaweed extract and others. All I can say is that it feels great and makes my arms and legs look normal. The delicate white flower (quite a bit of orange blossom) scent is lovely and luxurious, as it ought to be.

My friend Tom mentioned a couple of weeks ago that at a certain price level he'd rather have stuff prescribed and not bought at Bergdorf, and I know exactly what he means. If my skin requires such heavy duty treatments (and it does. I've been prune prone since early childhood, even when I lived in a hot and humid climate), isn't it better to have my health insurance fork over?

Probably so, but it wouldn't feel as fabulous as the Kanebo Sensai Premier.

Bottom line: I'm doomed.

Kanebo Sensai Collection Premier the Body Cream ($400, 8.5 oz. Cringe) is available from Bergdorf Goodman, online and in store. The sample I received was a PR freebie.



  1. I've been eager to try Kanebo Sensai ever since reading about their lipsticks being used in "Inglorious Basterds". Given the price-tag on the products, however, I suppose I ought to be glad that they're not available in Australia.

  2. "Cuir de crocodile"? I know what you mean :-) However, I agree with Tom that once you reach a certain price point (Or in my case a certain age!), a trip to the dermatologist is more economical and effective in treating various skin concerns and prolonging a youthful appearance. I guess it just depends on why you're buying a certain product: luxuary? efficaciousness? both?


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