Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beautiful Compacts and Makeup Palettes

As the competition for our hearts, faces and charge cards becomes more fierce, it's no longer enough to simply launch pretty makeup items and coordinated collections. Many companies are putting a lot of effort into creating stunning compacts and embossed pans. The new palettes catch our eyes with textures and patterns the like of which haven't been seen until now.

It used to be the domain of the top brands- after all, Chantecaille has been doing it for several years, with flowers, butterflies and animals embossed in their face, eye and lip compacts. Last year, Lancome made an attempt with their Elephant bronzer, but in that case the execution was somewhat lacking and the actual product didn't look as good as in the stock photo. This season many more brands are offering elaborate products, and so far, everything I've seen looks gorgeous and is worthy of a holiday gift status.

Perhaps the most unique in this bunch is actually the Cargo Runway Palette. It's big, bold, and the patterns of the blush and the bronzer are unlike anything else on the market. It looks even better in person (review coming as soon as I can talk myself into dipping my brushes in the colors).

Click on the image above to see and drool.

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